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Hi @Keith

As you say this is in effect the clause builder from the Views, the key difference is the ability to just run a search without the need to save the view.  This was added as a lot of the feedback on the forums had pointed to the fact that the global search options were a little limiting and also once the results are returned it was not possible to do things like sorting the results or exporting them.   As all of this was pretty much already available from the request lists and the views it made sense to make this fairly simple change to offer this level of searching.   Judging by the level of product feedback we have had from across the customers community it has been fairly well received and sometimes it only needs small changes to make the user experience much better.

In terms of other search enhancements we have / are making, this will give you  a feel for some of them

1. On the Portals, the search bar now supports multi word searching so results will be returned using an OR criteria (FAQ's, Requests, Catalog's, Services)

2. In Document Manager in the user app, you can now search for documents both by Document Tags but also now by Document title and descriptions


3. On the portals if you have made any libraries end user facing then the user can search in these libraries by title and description  


4. The Knowledge Centre has been released as an experimental feature for user feedback so we can see what else we need to add / tweak before this is a released feature - but in essence this is dynamic knowledge presented to agents / end users in progressive knowledge as they are raising requests


5. Searching on request timeline content - We have had a few false starts on this one for one reasons or another but it is currently being revisited

Hope that helps


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@Steven Boardman

I've just installed the update this morning and already I can see this search being so useful. It really is a great leap forward from what we had before. The feedback I have also received in the short time since I updated is really positive.

Thank you!

I'm also loving the ability to shrink the Service Portal icons and remove the need for the "More Services" button. No one ever noticed that, despite it being prominently mentioned in all training materials made available to our end users.

A really strong update this one.


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@Steven Boardman Sorry for being so late in coming back to you on this. Thanks for the in-depth response as always on what has or is being developed.

I really appreciate all the development improvements in this area.

Of course I'm sure your aware that one of the most important areas also seems to be the most challenging to implement. That being the timeline search. I hope you guys are able to make some progress on this in the near future.

Best wishes



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