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  1. @David Hall Thanks David, ive been able to change customer successfully now.
  2. Hello, When trying to change customer in service manager from the request screen, I get a flow code error message. This doesn't seem to be isolated to a single service/process as a variety of requests I've tried have returned the same, and its a relatively new development as I do believe it was working fine until recently, though we don't often change the customer after the request is created so cant say how long it may have been. Perhaps to do with one of the new releases, though I couldn't see anything in the notes that might relate. FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_ops/changeCustomer): nodeName: API Call: Update Request; nodeId: a2b90689-8783-4579-bc60-e551fa1e6237; At 569/1: "Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[data::entityUpdateRecord] nodeName: Add Default SL Change Entry; nodeId: bf20118e-38b1-4056-96d0-9b65ebffb403; At 121/1: "Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[data::entityAddRecord] Unable to get auto value [itsmRequestSLMChangeAutoId] for column 'h_itsm_request_slm_changes.h_id'. Failed to query autovals table" throw(e); _fc_node_exec_bf20118e_38b1_4056_96d0_9b65ebffb403" throw(e); _fc_node_exec_a2b90689_8783_4579_bc60_e551fa1e6237 Thanks in advance
  3. yes this is still happening, on all services apart from one which i recently created, leading me to think it might be only ones that we have had for a long time, which previously were working on the service.hornbill.com page thanks @Victor
  4. Hello, Recently started getting this error when using the employee portal. The process flow is the original that i recently copied and used in another service with little to no changes. I have also changed the capture to see if it was something to do with a question on that capture from a working one but still getting the error. Anyone got an idea whether it is relating to the process flow or or progressive capture, and what might be its boggle? Thank you /apps/com.hornbill.core/entities/Catalog/fc_ops/getServiceRequest.js(74): error X1001: Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager::catalogGetServiceRequest] FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/flowcode/fc_ops/catalogGetServiceRequest): Schema validation: Mandatory (com.hornbill.servicemanager/flowcode/fc_ops/catalogGetServiceRequest/name)
  5. thank you, could it perhaps be considered for the future, that as part of the attachment capture you could return an array of attachments, which could then be looped through to create documents and plonk in a library?
  6. Hello, In order to simplify our change process i want users to attach a form (which has been completed by an external contractor and emailed to the request raiser) to the request during the progressive capture, and for ease, for this form to be saved to a document library aptly named change forms. I can see the document publish automation but i cant figure out how to get the document id as i dont see how to get the attachment from progressive capture or from the request details. Thanks Brett
  7. @Steve Giller thank you! That article triggered a thought for me, several of the emails im trying to send from had been added to multiple accounts in AD for testing and such over the years. Sorry for not looking at those articles, the search function on the forum never seems to return very good results for me so several searches for things like email routing update email etc. didnt find those. Thanks
  8. Thanks Adrian, Interestingly yes, they do get moved into another folder which I called failedupdate How can i find out why the request failed to update? I do have pictures in my signatures which it treats as attachments, but i dont really want them to be attached Cheers Brett
  9. Thanks Adrian, I've tried sending emails directly to the instance with the incident reference copied and pasted into the subject but it doesn't like that either. eg. IN00001234 The emails are in the inbox as normal but it does nothing with them.
  10. Hello, I cant pin the exact date down but sometime in the last few months the routing rules for automatic updating of requests via email stopped working. As far as I am aware from enquiries no-one seems to have changed any settings. I have reviewed the routing rules and they seem fine to me but I must admit I'm not 100% sure of the rule expression. Routing is enabled in the previous screen. Thanks
  11. Thanks Armando, found the clue in that, you cant only share with teams you are part of, the account wasnt part of the teams i was looking for.
  12. Hello, I have some shared views that i set up and im trying to share them with a team, but when i type there is no teams displayed in the fuzzy search, so i cant select one. Have tried a lot of things, and there should be loads of available teams to choose from. I can share with specific users (below), just wondering what the criteria is on the team search for it to return no teams. Thank you Brett
  13. @Steven Boardman thank you that will do the trick!
  14. Hello, The owner doesn't currently receive notifications via email or in Hornbill when a colleague has added a comment to a request. Sometimes i might drop into a request with a bit of information that might assist the engineer, and i have come to realise that alot of the time they don't know i have put a comment on there. I looked through the Service Manager settings for "Notification" and "Colleague" but i couldn't see any settings that i could change, there was only ones related to other updates for example customer update. Is there a setting for this i am not seeing, or could it perhaps be something that you could consider adding? Thank you Brett
  15. Thank you, i cant believe i missed this, i swear i checked that drop down 10 times.
  16. Hello, I am trying to create a dashboard chart to display resolved requests in the last 7 days by Request Category, so i can see at a glance if i have an abnormal number of requests in a specific category, for example MS Teams. I cant seem to access Request Category from the columns available, is there a way to get at this? Thank you Brett
  17. Thank you! I did find it a bit difficult to find the permissions area perhaps it could be a tab instead.
  18. Hello, Is there functionality to hide or display suppliers based on the role groups? I don't particularly want say HR to be able to see a list of IT suppliers Thank you Brett
  19. Hello, When one of my users is trying to enter time spent on a task assigned to him (he is also project manager) he is not getting any options in the project stakeholder drop down. This happens to him in Microsoft Edge but not it IE or Chrome. Thanks
  20. @Victor Hi Victor, Thanks for your reply, you did provide it to us. From my talks with Steven it seems like the format is set as support-[instancename]@live.hornbill.com. I have raised a question as to whether it can be amended. In the end i got it working by adding a new alias with the support- at the front. Thanks
  21. Nevermind, this wiki guide answered it. Was missing the categories. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Configuring_the_Timesheet_Manager_Plugin_for_Service_Manager @Steven Boardman Thanks, should have rtfm
  22. When trying to add an update / resolve a request with some time associated to the request there is a yellow pop up that states "No category provided unable to add value" there is a category in the details area so not sure what category it refers to, perhaps some time-sheet entry specific category.
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