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Found 4 results

  1. We have noticed that it seems that the LDAP importation tool for adding accounts to Service Manager seems to be broken, although it uploads new accounts correctly it does not seem to update the accounts. When it checks for updates it seems to see a created record and then skip the any updates. Below is the message from our Infrastructure team: "We have updated the import tool to the latest from Hornbill and checked that all attributes are available to the account making the requests from Hornbill. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug where it is only creating accounts and not updating them." Please can this be looked into with some urgency as it appears that no records have been updated for a very long time and we are starting to see the ramifications of this e.g. name changes not being updated, incorrect/no email addresses not being updated.
  2. When using the 'Member Of' option (wiki description below), do you enter purely the CN name value of the group or the whole group value including the directory path? "Member Of - This field makes reference to the "memberOf" attribute of the user object in your directory. When a distinguished name (DN) of an LDAP group is specified in this field, the utility will only allow the group association in Hornbill if the group DN exists in the "memberOf" attribute of the user object being processed. i.e. only allow the Hornbill group association if the user object is a member of this directory group." Cheers Martyn
  3. At the moment the Organisation (Group Lookup) feature only allow you to directly match a value in the attribute field to the name of a Hornbill Group. Could this be extended to support criteria matching, so that the LDAP attribute does not have to match, so given more flexibility in automatically associating group membership? https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/LDAP_User_Import Cheers Martyn
  4. We have had major issues with the synchronisation of Service Manager & AD(LDAP) using and modifying the scripts provided by SM. 1) We configured the AD\LDAP script ok, but when we run it, we get the error message attached (see LDAP error) an I have also attached the configured script (conf.json). 2) We use AssetStudios to manage our assets, and apart from the original data(asset) we imported, we have been unable to update any info within Service Manager. (see script : conf_sccm_asetscomputer.json). When we run this script to update our current assets, runs without any errors, but does not make any changes to the data within ServiceManager,. Can you please help, or advise. Thanks Tony
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