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  1. thank you thats sorted it for me, im not sure why they suddenly started appearing in the portal yesterday but ive set them all to retired now
  2. We also have had a load of old disabled priorities appear in the portals. I can maybe fix it myself but i can even find the priority tab anymore, only got service and sla in service portfolio now
  3. Hi Trevor, Thank you, you are right it was a different owner when i hovered over it. I reassigned it again and it let me do things now, I did a bulk reassign so im not too sure if this one was in the list, I assume that maybe this one was reassigned to a different person who also left but was showing as me
  4. @TrevorHarris thanks for the quick reply, yes the document is assigned to me and i am also in the role docmanager admin, and i am the one logged in, i did try the system admin account to but that had no permission to change it either
  5. I have changed the owner of a document as an employee has left and i want his colleagues to pick up his documents for review and ensuring they stay relevant. It has let me change the owner with docmanager admin role but the owner has no permissions over the document. I assume this is because when it was shared with a library it was only ever given can view document. I have no way to change this now, i could unarchive the user and resolve all their documents, but i don't have any free licences, i might be able to do it if i change him to just a basic account and try the docmanager portal, not used this before, but it seems like a big oversight that as an admin i cant fix the permissions on these documents. Thanks Brett
  6. Hello, I've downloaded the x64 version of the exe but when i try to extract it is says cannot open file as archive and is 0 bytes, just wondering if someone can check it, thanks
  7. Hello, I have been trying to find a way to allow all our users in a group to be able to view and respond to incidents on behalf of each other. Could anyone suggest how this can be achieved? Barring that I have to let them log in as a single user to see requests in a certain service and they keep changing the password and then locking the account with incorrect password guesses Thanks Brett
  8. @David Hall Thanks David, ive been able to change customer successfully now.
  9. Hello, When trying to change customer in service manager from the request screen, I get a flow code error message. This doesn't seem to be isolated to a single service/process as a variety of requests I've tried have returned the same, and its a relatively new development as I do believe it was working fine until recently, though we don't often change the customer after the request is created so cant say how long it may have been. Perhaps to do with one of the new releases, though I couldn't see anything in the notes that might relate. FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_ops/changeCustomer): nodeName: API Call: Update Request; nodeId: a2b90689-8783-4579-bc60-e551fa1e6237; At 569/1: "Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[data::entityUpdateRecord] nodeName: Add Default SL Change Entry; nodeId: bf20118e-38b1-4056-96d0-9b65ebffb403; At 121/1: "Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[data::entityAddRecord] Unable to get auto value [itsmRequestSLMChangeAutoId] for column 'h_itsm_request_slm_changes.h_id'. Failed to query autovals table" throw(e); _fc_node_exec_bf20118e_38b1_4056_96d0_9b65ebffb403" throw(e); _fc_node_exec_a2b90689_8783_4579_bc60_e551fa1e6237 Thanks in advance
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