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  1. @Steven Boardman thank you that will do the trick!
  2. Hello, The owner doesn't currently receive notifications via email or in Hornbill when a colleague has added a comment to a request. Sometimes i might drop into a request with a bit of information that might assist the engineer, and i have come to realise that alot of the time they don't know i have put a comment on there. I looked through the Service Manager settings for "Notification" and "Colleague" but i couldn't see any settings that i could change, there was only ones related to other updates for example customer update. Is there a setting for this i am not seeing, or could it perhaps be something that you could consider adding? Thank you Brett
  3. Thank you, i cant believe i missed this, i swear i checked that drop down 10 times.
  4. Hello, I am trying to create a dashboard chart to display resolved requests in the last 7 days by Request Category, so i can see at a glance if i have an abnormal number of requests in a specific category, for example MS Teams. I cant seem to access Request Category from the columns available, is there a way to get at this? Thank you Brett
  5. Thank you! I did find it a bit difficult to find the permissions area perhaps it could be a tab instead.
  6. Hello, Is there functionality to hide or display suppliers based on the role groups? I don't particularly want say HR to be able to see a list of IT suppliers Thank you Brett
  7. Hello, When one of my users is trying to enter time spent on a task assigned to him (he is also project manager) he is not getting any options in the project stakeholder drop down. This happens to him in Microsoft Edge but not it IE or Chrome. Thanks
  8. @Victor Hi Victor, Thanks for your reply, you did provide it to us. From my talks with Steven it seems like the format is set as support-[instancename]@live.hornbill.com. I have raised a question as to whether it can be amended. In the end i got it working by adding a new alias with the support- at the front. Thanks
  9. Nevermind, this wiki guide answered it. Was missing the categories. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Configuring_the_Timesheet_Manager_Plugin_for_Service_Manager @Steven Boardman Thanks, should have rtfm
  10. When trying to add an update / resolve a request with some time associated to the request there is a yellow pop up that states "No category provided unable to add value" there is a category in the details area so not sure what category it refers to, perhaps some time-sheet entry specific category.
  11. Got it working. Had to change the following options: Keysafe: Host - Fully Qualified Domain Name (to match SSL certificate) Port - 636 Username - No domain LDAP Import: Connection Type - SSL Allow insecure connection - Off
  12. Update: Found the key safe. It had 443 listed as port which i believe is probably wrong. Changed this to 636 and now it is doing an ldap query correctly but failing with a new error: Bind Error: LDAP Result Code 211 "ErrorClosing": Response Channel Closed This looks more like an authentication issue now. Do I need to specify the domain in the account? double backslash looks weird to me.
  13. What is this about a keysafe on the wiki page? [ERROR] Connection Error: dial tcp xx.xxx.xx.xx:389: conectex: a connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. - A connection error containing an IP address with port "389" indicates that the utility had a problem connecting to the LDAP server. i.e. the server could not be reached or did not respond. This could be due to incorrect LDAP login details being specified, check what you have stored in the KeySafe and that the correct KeySafe entry is specified in the Data Import Configuration.
  14. Thank you for your prompt reply. I am running the Import tool from my own computer. I have also tried from the domain controller. I would have assumed the tool will query ldap from my computer to hfrs-dc-02 over 636 then out to your edge server using 443. But the log is stating that it is trying to connect to hfrs-dc-02 via 443, but there is nothing there to respond on that port as ldap doesnt use it. Its almost like the hard coded port number is wrong for the import tool, and it should be trying to query ldap on 636, or the log is misleading. I have used ldp.exe to test the ldap connection and it looks right to me. Thanks Brett
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