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Customer Portal - Azure SSO

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Hi all, 

Has anyone been able to setup SSO within Azure for an external partner? Our ERP supplier also uses 365 and we'd like to set them up so they can use their own credentials to raise requests via our Hornbill instance. 

We've setup SSO for our own internal staff without issue. There doesn't appear to be anything on the wiki/forums about this though. 

i.e. do we setup an additional SSO profile linked to our tenant and use "new guest users"

Any advice welcome!

Many thanks,


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Hi @Jack_Podmore,

Why would your tenant be involved to allow acccess to your supplier?

I would set up an additional SSO Profile linking to your supplier's Azure tenant.

Your users (internal as well as supplier's) will then need to select the correct SSO Profile (eg "Interal" vs "ERP Supplier") from a drop-down before clicking-in.

IF you can somehow link (eg via trust) their tenant to your tenant, there might be a way to set this up such that the supplier's users are to be authenticated by your tenant. I don't know whether that is possible - though.

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