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Found 5 results

  1. One of the reoccurring requirements that comes up each time we look to bring on another service desk within our group on to our common Hornbill Service Manager instance is the restriction of having only a single customer portal, so we have to go with a common and generic branding. If the customer portal customisation options could be made to be a one to many relationship with the current initial set being the default, then it would be possible to specify at an external organisation level which branding set to use. As access to the portal after the initial landing page (branded with the default customisation set), is controlled by contact access, so it would be relatively simple to then apply the appropriate portal customisation set for said customer. This way the architecture remains the same, i.e. a single customer portal, but we are able to branding the portal dynamically to the customer. By utilising multiple Proxy by Domain setups it would also be possible to utilise different domain URLS as well. Cheers Martyn
  2. Would it be possible to have a type of Simple List source for use in progressive capture questions and custom fields which uses a SQL query to generate the available options? The reason for asking is that we are looking to log internal project management requests in the system, but they will relate to an external customer(contact) organisation. So rather than having to maintain a list of organisations in a simple list, I would, in this case, use a SQL query to obtain a list of organisations from the existing internal table where the industry type is a certain value. Cheers Martyn
  3. We have an existing progressive capture which has not been updated for several months, which is valid, active and operational. When I make a copy of this to test some proposed changes, but make no change at all and attempt to save/activate it reports an error referencing an issue with the Sortby function on a dynamic drop down field. I suspect the issue has been introduced by the enhancement for the sort order on dynamic drop down list using simple lists as the source. I have quite a lot of custom forms in the PC, so is it a matter of just opening up each node to refresh it or do I need to go into each dynamic drop down field to set/reset a sort order to resolve this issue? When I go into a field the sort order is displayed, but I presume this is just defaulting in the UI and the underlying value prior to going into the form is empty so the PC will not pass validation until it is populated. Cheers Martyn
  4. Is it currently possible or are they any plans to have the lists within a board to be dynamic, i.e. the content of the list is determined by a view criteria, much like the options within the My Activities Board, rather than being placed in a list by the BPM or manually? Cheers Martyn
  5. I am trying to locate some guidance on the format/syntax used for the 'Data Provider' option when using a 'Dynamic drop down select' in Progressive Capture. Rather than hard code values into the progressive caputure workflow itself I am trying to configure a custom form to use the dynamic drop down list, picking up its values, in this case software versions, from a 'simple list' filtering this based on the 'service id' selected within the progressive capture workflow. This way the .. verison informaiton which is fairly dynamic can be maintained in a simple list without the need for the progressive capture workflow to be updated each time. I tried to locate this information on the wiki and via a general google search, but no joy.
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