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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Quick question: is it possible to hard code a contact when a certain condition is met with service levels? At the moment, it seems we can only pick the request's owner or its manager. In our case, this is a major problem for response SLA because the request rarely assigned to a person when it breaches (or is about to). Any ideas? Can I hard code the name in the database directly? Thanks, Lyonel
  2. Morning all, This will be a long one Within Supportworks we originally had Service Desk members logging calls directly to 3rd line/Field engineers etc, which the teams obviously didn't want. When we moved over to Service Manager we agreed with all teams that calls would ONLY go through first line, thus making us able to lock down call assignment in the first instance to "log to 1st line, log to request owner" As we have some admin users within IT who will HAVE to log calls (the branches at the top) I added those in as individuals. The problem is, I am now
  3. Heya, I've been testing the SLA escalation events with the email notifications and have a couple of issues: 1) Both the 'Summary' variable and the 'Subject' variable is all lower case when sent in the email 2) The 'Status' variable in the email template includes the full status name exactly as in the database. This means it says 'status.open' rather than 'Open' 3) Customer name variable comes across as blank Are these things that can be fixed?
  4. We are currently testing the new Service Level Management option, enabled in settings by the guest.app.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.enableSLM with reference to the wiki link below. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Transitioning_to_the_new_Service_Level_Agreement_functionality I am just trying to work out how we implement escalation actions against the new SLM setup, or if this is not yet in place. Cheers Martyn
  5. Hi, Is it possible to report on how many calls are passed from one team to another per day? 90% of our calls will initially go into our 1st line queue. If they can't fix the issue then it is escalated to our 2nd line queue If 2nd line can't fix it then it is escalated to one of our specialist queues i.e. Development, Infrastructure or Engineering We'd like to be able to see how many calls are passed each day to our Development and Infrastructure teams I have a couple of measures set up that run daily but the data isn't accurate Thanks, Pete
  6. Hi Does anyone know how the escalation icon works in calls? When I select a new priority and select team it doesn't send users an email to notify them, should it? if so where do I need to set this in order to get it working? Thanks Chris
  7. At the moment in the SLA Escalation accounts you can trigger an action to add to a board, however this is hard coded to the SLA itself. We use a common set of SLA's across our many services, however we would want to trigger the action to add the request to a service specific board rather than a global one. Would it be possible to have a 'default board' setting in the service definition so that you can select an automatic option in the SLA escalation action to assign to the service specific board. This could also be extended to the BPM node so you can use a generic process and assign it to
  8. Hello, Is there a way of sending an email to the agent owner of a call when it breaches the SLA set for a priority level Thanks
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