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Good afternoon,

We have been trying to update information on a Asset. 
when we click on the asses and then select Edit - select the dropdown for Physical Location infromation and edit it. Then click save. It does nothing. The button doesn't even register that i have clicked it. 
We have tried doing it on different Pc's, Different users access on hornbill & The admin account on hornbill aswell. Also we have used Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer and Edge. The issue is happening on all of them.

It appears that it is a issue with windows 10 from what i can see. as it works on other pc's if they are not windows 10?

Any ideas?



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Morning @ArmandoDM,

No none of them were set to Company, only site, I have gone through and done this now and it appears to have worked. 

Thankyou @James Ainsworth for the link it was quite insightful, At least i know now why its happening and that a fix is being created.

Many thanks to both of you


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