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Changing a incident to a service request


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Just wondering if anyone had thought about what happens if an agent logs a call as a Incident when it should be a Service Request or vice versa

Is there any way to switch a call.

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Hi Kelvin, if a mistake like this has been made, there is a 'Raise New Linked Request' option which will raise a linked request and copy much of the information across for you.


I'll feedback and update once we have some more information.

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If you raise a linked a request, any SLAs for the new request would start from that point onwards. The existing request would continue on it's current path.

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Hi Kelvin

It is important to highlight that raising a linked request is not changing the type of the original request, it is simply creating a NEW request which is linked to the original, no Service Level timers will be transferred.

Service Manager provides the Progressive Capture approach to try and reduce the number of incorrectly logged requests. We would encourage the use of the 'Raise New' option which allows (with the Progressive Capture forms in the relevant order) for the analyst to ask the pertinent questions about which the customer is calling before they get to the 'Analyst Request Type' form where they can choose to raise the ticket as the appropriate type.

In support of this the new Request Catalog feature, allows the Service Desk owner / administrator to define the different types of requests which users / analysts can raise against the services you offer, and behind each request catalog item you will have predefined these as either Incidents or Service Requests, again reducing down the opportunities for requests to be incorrectly created against the wrong request type as the user ans analyst will not need to make this decision or distinction.

More info is available on our wiki for the Request Catalog: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Request_Catalog

This is not to say that there will not still be cases where requests are incorrectly logged, and we are always looking at ways in which we can manage these scenarios, however there is not an option to switch request type and this is partly to do with the differences in data which can exist between an Incident and Service Request type, for example different Business Process, different custom questions, different custom fields, different Service Level Targets to name a few.

In the scenarios where requests are incorrectly logged against a request type then there is the option to raise a NEW linked request of the correct type, but you would still need to close the original and move onto the New one to fulfil the request, or choose to close the original and raise a New request against the correct request type. However we do hope that through the use of Progressive Capture and the Request Catalog Items that these would be few and far between.

I hope this helps


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