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  1. Is there a setting to hide any progressive capture questions that are not answered. As we have a lot of conditional questions we end up with a lot of questions shown as "Not Answered" If I look at the request and expand the questions tab, there are 5 pages of questions but most are not relevant.
  2. +1 As part of our onboarding process we need the manager to apply for the hardware requirements, whilst I can hard code this in, it would be nice to have a total cost.
  3. @David Hall These were logged via the self service portal and is captured during progressive capture This has been working since first live several months ago and has only stopped working today.
  4. @David Hall I dont think this is the case as looking at the DB I can see
  5. About 1 hour ago any self service ticket that comes through shows the site with the ID number and not the ID name. Is this as a result of an update or bug fix?
  6. I would be interested to know how others overcome this situation.
  7. @Steve GillerI have pushed the value to the timeline. See below. I can now see this in the BPM The variable is picked rather than typed in so not sure why it would say it does not exist.
  8. @Steve Giller Sorry for chasing this but wondered if you had any other ideas. The flow is already live due to project timings and this will have an impact on our service. Thanks
  9. We have always had to raise a support ticket as embedded images have to be removed in the back end. Log a support ticket and set up an access code Support Passcodes
  10. @Steve Giller Yes I do If I remove it I am unable to build the expression in the decision node
  11. Im Stuck I have a decision with a BPM that is not working. The question in PCF is a radioset based on a simple list and when logged shows the following in the database The decision node is However this doesn't work and instead jumps to the no match.
  12. @James Ainsworth I want to set up an some images and a iframe with an in house display. In the wiki it shows it but I cant see it in the drop down.
  13. Have Custom widgets been removed, or is there a setting to turn them on?
  14. @James Ainsworth Not sure what the issue was. I deleted the Capture and recreated and worked fine.
  15. Has anything changed to switch capture within a progressive capture form. I just received "Unable to find the specified capture" although I am selecting from a drop down list.
  16. Is it possible to create a new asset from within a business process. We have a couple of processes around procurement and would like to generate a new asset from information captured.
  17. We have received a request to remove an image for a support ticket, this was not added as an attachment but pasted into the comment field. How do I remove the image?
  18. I think I may have resolved this as I think you still need to set the On Customer Response in each of the portfolio items
  19. Can I confirm that the sub status config in Service Manager > Configuration > Request Sub-statuses do not work the same as the ones in the service portfolio. Example, if a customer updates a ticket whilst it is on hold it will automatically come off hold and be given a sub-status from the active list.
  20. Following on from yesterday, is it possible to apply Sub-status setting to all service portfolio items. We have 50+ items, would we need to apply this to each one or is there a method to do this in bulk
  21. @Martyn Houghton That all worked thank you
  22. @Martyn Houghton Thanks, I will give that a try
  23. I must be missing something. I am trying to set up a couple of auto substatus updates. When a ticket comes off hold and also if a customer updates a ticket whilst on hold. If I place the ticket on hold it will correctly change the substatus when it auto changes off hold If the ticket is on hold and a customer updates the ticket the ticket remains on hold. Am I missing something?
  24. @Deen its possible but we are only seeing it this morning, no changes are end. Also not able to close any calls they just sit as resolved.
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