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Mandatory Team Assignment


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Good afternoon,

We were wondering if anyone can share any helpful tips and/or best practices on how to avoid incoming calls not being assigned to a team. Looking in the progressive capture area for New Requests, there is a node that can be added just before the end of the capture that will allow Analyst and Team assignment, but what we need is a mandatory field to capture Team assignment only.

Has anyone done this?

Many thanks,


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Hi Samuel

Currently this is not possible i will ask development if there are any plans to provide a Team Selection form which could be made mandatory and would allow you to force all calls coming in from that progressive capture to be assigned to a team.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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Hi Samuel. if you use the Analyst Assignment form in Progressive Capture and make it mandatory, only the team field is made mandatory. The analyst drop down is still optional at this point. Hope that helps!

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Hi Samuel

The above option could work if you want your analyst to set the team assignment during the logging process and using progressive capture forms, however you can also automate the assignment to the correct teams in any supporting business process (BPM).

You have various automated options to assign to a team, individual etc in the assignment operations in the BPM designer, and you could even define a decision at the beginning of your business process to check various attributes of the request (from Progressive Capture) and depending on the outcomes route the request to different teams automatically.

Another option could be the use of the new 'Request Catalog' which is available within the Request Configuration section of the Services. Here you can set up the different types of requests the customers can raise via the self service portal, or as an analyst on behalf of the customer and each different request catalog item can have it's own BPM defined and within that it's own BPM, you can then set automated routing rule to the relevant resolver team for each of the different request catalog items you offer.

Details on the request catalog here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Request_Catalog

Hope this gives you options to consider

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