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Found 12 results

  1. Thought the Request > Assignment >Assign to Owner (variable) node has a outcome indicator to pass whether it was sucessful or not, it doe not fail gracefully when it is not able to assign the requests based on the variable being passed. Instead it creates a BPM Error. Can the node be updated to continue the BPM but report the outcome as a failure. That way we can control how to handle it not being assigned in the BPM logic itself. Cheers Martyn
  2. To avoid having to hard code numerous 'Assign to Request Creator' nodes in our generic BPM workflow, can the 'Team' property on the node be enhanced to allow the insertion of variables as well as manual selection. I have tried assign it to the team before hand and leaving the value as 'Auto' but this does not work and causes the workflow to break. Cheers Martyn
  3. At the moment Auto Assign either by Round Robin or Most Available Analyst do not appear to have have any options to configure whether they include all members of the team (i.e. including Team Leader and Manager members) or just a certain type of member. Can a change request be raised to allow for a configuration options on both auto assign processes to allow the configuration of whether those members of the team with type Team Leader or Manager are included or excluded in the allocation process. Cheers Martyn
  4. I need to give my 1st Tier team the permissions to edit and complete activities on requests they have access (i.e. they support the service) to but are not the owner. I can do this as a system admin but only want to give them the permission to do this not everything else. Cheers Martyn
  5. One of the challenges we face, as I suspect a number of us do, is ensuring the request is logged under the correct service when it is first logged, given that this cannot be changed. This then affects both permissions to view the request and who you can assign it too in terms of supporting teams. To avoid having to close and raise new requests on the correct service, it would be useful to have the option around Linked Services, for the 'Support Teams' of any Linked Services to be added to the request drop down, thereby allowing allocation of the request to the correct team and those supporting the linked service visibility of said request. This way the ticket is assigned the correct team and also you do not have to add all teams to every service, thereby bypassing in affect the security model. Cheers Martyn
  6. Can Service Manager be set up to automatically send an email to the new request owner when a request is assigned to them? I'm talking about each time a request is manually assigned to someone.
  7. I a bid to try stave off having to have emails sent to analysts when requests are assigned to a team or an individual analyst, I thought it would be just a matter of getting them to use 'Desktop Notifications', to get the analyst attention as they would not be working 100% in the user app, but have logged at the beginning of the day. Then when I went to my profile and the mortification tab, I realised that the notification along with Desktop notification option only appears to relate to 'Collaboration' objects and events and not Service Manage ones. Is it correct that Service Manager events/actions will not generate Desktop Notifications, or is it just the control form them is not present on this form? Cheers Martyn
  8. Is there an easier way to accept jobs, currently it seems that you have to 'assign' it to yourself. We were hoping for a quick action like in Supportworks where you can just accept the job by clicking on a button, is there some setting that we have missed or is this the way it is..... Regards Jeremy
  9. Hi We often want to assign a mixed group of requests (i.e. Service Requests, Incidents and maybe other request types?) to a given member of our team, but the bulk action feature (cog icon at top of list) doesn't appear. It appears if you only select requests of one type, but vanishes if you choose a variety of request types. This is slows down assigning requests to our team. We also generally feel that the process of manually assigning a group of requests to an owner is rather too convoluted - too many clicks and not that intuitive. Bulk select is fine, but it would be great to be able to do a drag and drop to a given team member or something comparable in terms of minimal clicks/keystrokes.
  10. Hi, If an activity is assigned to a team rather than an individual, how do members of that team know an activity has been assigned to the team? Is there a way that activity can show up in the request list for that team? Basically my change process is designed to generate an activity to undertake the work once it has been through approval process etc. However the activity will always be assigned to different teams depending on what work is required. I cannot see how to view an activity if your in that team. thanks lee
  11. When assigning a request to an analyst, via the user application, who is not set to Available, there is now warning or popup like there is in Support Works to advise you that the analyst is not available nor the option to continue or cancel assignment. If this is not already a planned change, can this be raised as important change as this is quite crucial for us as we have a distributed teams working different working patterns. Cheers Martyn
  12. Good afternoon, We were wondering if anyone can share any helpful tips and/or best practices on how to avoid incoming calls not being assigned to a team. Looking in the progressive capture area for New Requests, there is a node that can be added just before the end of the capture that will allow Analyst and Team assignment, but what we need is a mandatory field to capture Team assignment only. Has anyone done this? Many thanks, Samuel.
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