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Found 5 results

  1. Can we request an enhancement to the 'Support Teams' functionality for Services. In the current security model you have to be a member of a 'Support Team' to be able to view a request or added as an individual member on the request. In order to give some of our teams access to requests, but stop them from being able to be assigned requests, I duplicate team organisation objects and then disable assignment to all users in the duplicate team. This has an overhead and create unnecessary duplicate teams. Can we request an enhancement to be able to disable assignment against a 'Supporting Team' entry on the Service screen. This way we do not need to duplicate organisation objects and they still have access to the request as per the current security model. Cheers Martyn
  2. In my profile notification settings I have both Hornbill and Desktop notifications enabled for Task Assignment, however I only receive a Desktop notification. This is my only browser window I have open, so I do not already have the request in question open and it does not appear under the dismissed items under the Hornbill Notification bell. Cheers Martyn
  3. Hi, Is there a way to set a business process up so that during say the hours of 0800-1700, it assigns to a certain team and anything logged outside of these hours is logged to another team? Thanks Lauren
  4. Hi, I am in the process of implementing our service catalogue and setup my BPMs. However I am facing a massive of work and maintenance. Let me give you a bit of context: As of today we have: 114 services 461 catalogue items 20 teams We managed to rationalise our BPMs to only 8 Requirements: Any support team member must be able to see all the requests logged in the system (100% transparency) Auto assign request to a team based on catalogue item Setup: no services have a “Supporting team(s)” setup (see requirements above) Each service can be supported by multiple teams Each catalogue item is supported by a single team Problem: In the BPMs, it would require at least 20 “conditions” with very long list for each criteria (461 to be precise) Everytime a catalogue item is changed or added, all BPMs will need to be updated accordingly. Proposed solution (see attached document Hornbill - Default team assignment.pptx): Add a new field “Default assignment team” to the catalogue item This new field would be optional It would be populated by the list a teams (as declared under the Organisation) If "Supporting teams" are setup, available values would be restricted to the "Supporting teams" setup By default, the system would assign the request to that team (if value specified) BPM can still override the team assignment This would not impact the current functionality of the field "Supporting teams" Benefits: Straight forward assignment with no impact on securities or "support teams" Can accommodate special cases (by overriding in the BPM) Less maintenance of the BPMs (every time a new catalogue item is changed or created) Is this something possible to do? I am more than happy to discuss it in more details if necessary. Thanks for your consideration.
  5. Good afternoon, We were wondering if anyone can share any helpful tips and/or best practices on how to avoid incoming calls not being assigned to a team. Looking in the progressive capture area for New Requests, there is a node that can be added just before the end of the capture that will allow Analyst and Team assignment, but what we need is a mandatory field to capture Team assignment only. Has anyone done this? Many thanks, Samuel.
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