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Option to have custom icons for services

Martyn Houghton

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At the moment the 'Service Icon' you have to select one of the preset icons, which though they are large number of them it would be good to have the ability to use customise them or even insert a product logo.

Therefore can I request two potential requests for change

1. Provide Icon editor to allow the addition or import of customised of icons.

2. The extension of the current icon object to cope with coloured product images and associated import option.



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Hello Martyn,

Thank you for your post. We had originally considered adding the ability to upload custom icons for services but at this stage of development within the Portals we wanted to make sure that a consistent look and feel for users of the Portals could be achieved by using the set of provided icons. Having the ability to upload custom icons is still being considered for a future release as we understand that the provided icon set will not accommodate every scenario.

There is a setting to change the colour of the provided icons which can be found in Hornbill Administration by selecting Hornbill Service Manager from the application selector in the top left and then under Settings on the left hand menu select Application. From here you can search for the setting guest.colour.common.icon and set the colour of the icons. This setting does apply to all icons and from your description you are possibly looking for something that can be applied to each individual icon?

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What I was thinking about was the ability to add a product specific mixed coloured logo, rather than just changing the single colour of generic icons.

One way to achieve this without the need for a icon editor would be to allow the import of Windows Icon images, so the editor facility is not required, just he ability to import and use customised icons.

For example most of our service catalog is for software support, so having the ability to import the application's windows icon into the Service would make it easier for customers on the portals to select the correct service, i,e, Excel support service has the Excel icon.



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Hi Martyn,

No further plans as of yet for this. You will have seen a number of new features around the services for the portals. We have had a priority on completing planned improvements and new features to extend the base functionality of the services. We will continue to keep the option of having custom images in mind and re-visit this once we have covered some key areas of the services.

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  • Victor changed the title to Option to have custom icons for services

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