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Filter Organisations by No Active Contacts

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Hi @Steve Giller
I hope you're well.
That's correct, we have thousands of organisation's and archive an organisation if there are no active contacts.
This filter would be extremely useful because the user can complete this task in one screen at the same time as completing other housekeeping tasks.

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The issue here would be that a filter can only narrow a list down based on what is contained in the list (e.g. names containing "bob")
You can't filter on nothing as everything contains nothing - that's why with an empty filter box you see the complete list.

You can (or rather it is possible, I've never mastered it) create a report that lists Organisations with no connected Contacts, however, which is why I suggested that option. There are a couple of examples dotted about for this kind of report that should be adaptable.

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Hello @Paul Chambers,

It took some time to answer because I needed to discuss this requirements with the team. 

First, at the moment there is no such option. There also is no option to display the number of contacts in an organisation. So there is no option to filter such thing.

We are planning an improved organisations view including an improved filtering.

This can take some time to be implemented. Probably it won't be in our next 90 day scope but it is in the list and we'll let you know when we have an update.



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