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Found 18 results

  1. @Steve G We are looking at using the Hornbill Cleaner Utility to remove an previouse customer Organisation and Contacts which has asked us to remove all Personal Identifiable Data (PID) from our system. Can I jsut confirm that when deleting a Organisation and Contact the assoicated Audit Trail with the said objects is also deleted? The reason being is that the Audit trail contains details of changes to PID during the lifecycle so I have to also confirm that this record is also deleted. Cheers Martyn
  2. We are starting to evaluate Live Chat and as we run multiple service desk across our instance and have many varying levels of external customers. Similar to our enhancement request (below) to have the ability to restrict contacts ability to log requests, we would also like to do the same for Live Chat given that contacts have to be authenticated to access it, we would want enable this contact by contact basis. For example we would only want to provide it the main system administrators at a site, not all the users who are accessing the portal. Cheers Martyn
  3. Though you can link Assets to external contacts, you can on see these in the Asset Request List or from a Request itself. Can we request an Asset View on the Contact screen just like the options for 'Requests' and 'Services' which are already present. Cheers Martyn
  4. When adding subscribers to a service the lookup is including archived accounts. In out particular case it is listed archived external organisation records. Can the lookup be modified to not include archived objects, have a filter or somehow indicate in colour/label that the object is archived. In our case where we have archived duplicate objects, there will be multiple matched with the exact same name. Cheers Martyn
  5. Additional 3rd contact fields for Telephone (h_tel_3) and Email address (h_email_3) where added into the platform back in 2018, but are not accessible through the Contact screen in the Live User App. Can these be added in so that we can start making use of them. Cheers Martyn
  6. Hello Hornbill Forum, Has anyone managed to bypass the uniqueness requirement on email addresses when building new Contacts? We used to be able to accept raising multiple new Contacts all with the same email address, but I think a Hornbill update put a stop to it. Wondering if anyone knows of a setting to switch this check against emails off? FYI, many of our clients choose to use an internal mailing list (its@whatever.org for example) that we associate with all the contacts of the organisation. This allows all the members to receive email notifications rather than the one contact that raised an issue. It seems I can no longer add its@whatever.org to a new contact so they can join the mailing list essentially, as the email address is currently in use. The logon ids are certainly unique, but how do I switch off the uniqueness check against email addresses? Appreciate any feedback! Chris Axiell Group
  7. Hello, We've been using Configuration Manager for over a week and so far it's been proven useful. This request is likely to be part Service Manager - Assets, and Configuration Manager. We need a way to group a collection of Assets under an Organisation (Menu -> Customers - Organisations / Contacts)... bearing in mind we do not use Customer Manager (since our customers are the Business themselves) though we have third party supporting some of our Assets and Applications - but they would never log in to our Portal or Hornbill at all. We need to be able to link these assets to those Organisations, as well as having it shown in Configuration Manager, and I would really hope that we do not have to set up a "Basic User" in order to show this information. What we expect to be able to do is to use Configuration Manager to see the linked "Asset" against a Request, then to be able to expand that "Asset" and view the Manufacturer / Organisation "Supporting" it, then to be able to expand that node to view ALL the other Assets under that Manufacturer / Organisation. Many thanks, Samuel @Aaron Summers - for info
  8. The Customer Portal is not updating the h_last_accessed column on h_sys_contact table when customer login to the Customer Portal. Therefore we have no way on monitoring or determining when a customer last used the portal account. Can this be addressed, so we can both monitor and also identify dormant customer portal accounts, so that they can be suspended or removed as part of security good practice. Cheers Martyn
  9. Following on from the post at the bottom of this one, can you confirm it it is the the true Organisation ID or the Container ID linked to the Organisation ID that need to be passed in to the SQL Contact Importer? Cheers Martyn
  10. Hi guys, I am not sure if this is already a feature but after doing some digging around I cannot find anything available. It would be great if we could associate a "main contact" (internal staff member) to a site and then be able to use this as a variable for example to use within emails if correspondence needs to go out quickly via some sort of automation. It would also act as a nice "who to speak to" for any staff members using Hornbill and have access to sites. Thanks, Jack
  11. What logic is applied when a routing rule if triggered with the 'raiseNewRequest' option? How does it cope if multiple contacts are found? Cheers Martyn
  12. When using the ADD CONTACT button from organisations view it brings up a form in-place, but with less fields compared to the full form here: If you need to enter additional data, there is a button MORE... to bring up the full form. The fields you entered into the shortened form are transferred over. When you're done entering, there is a button ADD, which creates the contact on click. The long form disappears as expected, but the brief form still shows with the data you entered originally. I expect this form to be cleared in the moment I create the contact, so that I can enter another contact without manually overwriting or deleting the content I entered earlier.
  13. Related to my post below about using a content management system alongside the Customer Portal, is it possible for Hornbill to act as a SAML or other authentication provider to allow third party products to use the external contacts authentication? The reason being is that we are attempting to minimise the number of different credentials we have to interact with our customers. Cheers Martyn
  14. We wanted to inform you that the Send Email option in the Contact Details view has moved to this new place. We are looking in to removing the old functionality of sending email (the tab next to the Post option). If you have a question or want to know more, let us know in this forum post.
  15. When we log a Change Request against an Contact (external customer) the customer information is not displayed in the request screen, only the name of the analyst who raised the request in the 'Raised by' section. We used Change Requests for our external customers to control changes to their systems we host for them, but it appears the 'Change Request' screen seems to have been formatted just for internal use or am I missing something? Cheers Martyn
  16. Is there anyway to view a 'Contacts', i.e. external customer, requests they have logged in Service Manager from the search contact dialog, akin to the 'Associated Requests' tab in Support Works? I know I can create filter in the Request View but requires me manually adding a fixed condition, where as if we are dealing with an escalaiton or telephone call in it would be easier to just go to the contact record and then view their requests. Cheers Martyn
  17. Would it be possible to raise a change request to specify default connections in a contact (external), so when you log or change the primary contact on a request the system populates the connections with the contact's default connections? We have a number of external customers where they wish any updates on the requests to be copied into the the other team members at the company when email updates are made on the request. This also applies where say a manager wants to be copied in to any emails to their staff. At the moment we achieve some of this via VPME in Supportworks and using distribution email address rather then the contacts individual email, but the latter means matching contacts in the system mailboxes does not really work. Cheers Martyn
  18. I have a customer [information removed] in the contacts database, when I search for Paul it doesn't list either of them any reason why? Had this a few times before with other people. Its not until I type Paul A that it comes up see attached. Thanks Chris EDIT: post was edited and confidential information removed
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