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Authorisation node Outcome options

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Is there any scope (or alternative method) to be able to change the outcome options on an authorisation node to better fit my requirements?  My three outcomes might be something like:

Refer to CAB
Refer to BAU

Currently the only outcome options seem to be accept, refuse and the option of tentative, all of which are greyed out



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Thanks @Steve Giller, apologies I didn't make it clear enough....its the short code I would like to be able to manage, not the Display Label.  Refer to CAB is not an 'accept' outcome in this scenario.  I think both authorisation nodes have this option greyed out.  Is there an alternative?  I have been able to update the outcome on standard Human Tasks.  Thanks


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@Sam P so I have just realised that this node is a built in 'authorisation node' and these outcomes can't be updated, I think that you can add more, but the built in ones are not editable.

If you have Human Tasks etc then this is able to be edited.

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On 1/13/2023 at 3:46 PM, Sam P said:

The outcome shortcode is greyed out on this Authorisation Node

That's correct, these are not editable.
However, neither are they Customer-facing, and the actions you take once one is selected is defined by the Workflow, so there should be no effect on your process regardless of its value.

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