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More customer details when logging request


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Good morning,

In PC1, the handle was used as part of the customer's details when logging a request. Our handles contained the customer's First Name, Last Name and User ID, and we relied on seeing the User ID when logging a request. Now this is no longer there in PC2.

Please could we request that the handle is displayed again, or if not, please could the User ID be displayed?

Many thanks,


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Hi I have the same issue as above.  I have added a customer search and added Login ID to the additional fields.  However I cannot see the login ID even when expanding the right hand pane.

Is it necessary to add all the name fields to the additional fields too to see the login ID?

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On 9/1/2022 at 6:38 PM, James Ainsworth said:


The information is still there.  It is just collapsed,  You can click on that section on the right side to expose it again.  

@James Ainsworth Although the information is there and just collapsed, it would be more helpful to see the Login ID or Handle next to the customer details (without having to expand the section) as we refer to this information when call taking. It would be inefficient to keep clicking on the customer details section to expand it whenever we need to refer to it during a call.

This was fine in PC1 but has been removed in PC2. As we had to switch on PC2 yesterday, this change is having a negative effect on the way we are taking calls now.

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