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Update Request > Closure Category - Variable

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I am slightly confused by the Update Request > Closure Category parameter documentation. You seem to be able to use a variable both under the 'Category' field and the 'Category (From Variable)'  fields. The documentation seems to state you use the Key/hid column of the hsysprofile table for both options.

Can you confirm the documentation is correct or whether the intention of one of the variable options was to allow the setting of the Closure Category by passing the textual code for the profile?






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Hi Martyn,

I've had a look and the documentation is correct in terms of hid being expected for both the Category and Category (From Variable) fields, there has never been provision for the textual code so both fields do essentially operate in the same manner from a data perspective.  I can't say for sure but IMO the distinction of two variables was probably just created to provide a clear difference in the UI so that manual selection of Category would open the category selector popup while Category (From Variable) was available for automated population.

Kind regards,


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