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Found 9 results

  1. To avoid having to hard code numerous 'Assign to Request Creator' nodes in our generic BPM workflow, can the 'Team' property on the node be enhanced to allow the insertion of variables as well as manual selection. I have tried assign it to the team before hand and leaving the value as 'Auto' but this does not work and causes the workflow to break. Cheers Martyn
  2. elated to my post regarding 'Suspend and Wait Feedback' (link at the bottom of this post), can all the Suspend Node be updated to allow the insertion of separate variables into the Expire Period values for Years, Month, Days, Hours and Mins. This will provide flexibility to set different Expiry periods without having to hard code in the BPM with multiple decision nodes. Cheers Martyn
  3. Related to be earlier post about being able to pre-fill resolution information on a request (link below), I am attempting to workaround this whilst it is considered. However I have hit the issue that the current 'Update Request > Closure Category' is hard coded. To avoid having to create a sting of decision nodes, can the the Closure Category' node be update to allow the injection of a variable for the closure category, either/or both the Raw Value (Code) or Textual value. Cheers Martyn
  4. Can the 'Update Request' option under 'Request>Update Request' please be enabled to allow the priority to be injected as a variable, as it is hard coded at the moment. Cheers Martyn
  5. Can the Service and Priority options in the 'Log New Incident' node under 'Requests>Log Request' be setup to support variables, the same way as the 'Catalog Item' option is. Thanks Martyn
  6. Hi all, I have an issue when using variable &[global["flowcode"]["assignedTeam"]] as the authorisation owner for any authorisation task. I set the option to use a variable, select the variable, save and publish the BPM. If I go back to the BPM process list and then reopen the BPM the option to use variable has changed to user > assigned team. This causes the BPM to fail with the error: The specified user 'urn:sys:group:STB/Marketing_and_Business_Development/Marketing_Team/' does not exist Any ideas? Is this because I am trying to set a team as the authorisation owner? I don't want to use a named person sa if there is an issue and the authorisation task needs re assigning and the owner is away it will cause issues. Variables work fine in the Authorisers section, it is just the owner part I cant get to work.
  7. Hi, Is there any way we can have some better ordering on the Custom PC variable within BPMs? At the moment they are sorted in the order they were created (and I can see why), however when going back and making modifications to older forms it makes it a nightmare to find the custom PC you are looking for. I was thinking maybe sort in alphabetical order with a sub section at the top or bottom for the last 5 newly created PCs
  8. In our change process, when a change is refered back for further information we would like to have a variable or a way to pull the task information into a email to go out to a customer. So when one of out agets refers a change at the moment the information goes into the timeline: Is ther a way to pull this into the email template that goes to the customer to supply more information? Hayley.
  9. With the list of email variables available in the Email Template Editor becoming longer and longer, it would be good if these could be presented in a structured picker UI similar to when using variable/parameters in BPM nodes, rather than the longer scrolling select list. This would also help with ordering of the list, as at the moment the order appears to be when they where added rather than truly alphabetical. Cheers Martyn
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