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Error adding a user to a board


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11 hours ago, HGrigsby said:

Has something changed?

Hi Helen,

Nothing has changed as far as I'm aware.  In fact, development on the Service Manager Boards (My Boards) stopped a number of years ago, after it was superseded by the Board Manager App which was released on June 28th, 2018.

I would recommend to anyone still using the old Service Manager My Boards, to have a look at Board Manager and move over to this more feature rich app.  We are looking to provide tools to help with moving an existing Service Manager Board over to Board Manager.   As it has been over 3 years since development stopped on this old feature I expect that at some point, it will have an "end of life".

Please let us know if you have any questions about Board Manager.



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@James Ainsworth thanks for the reply.  

We do want to move to board manager at some point but when I have some time to do it and change the business processes. 

In the meantime is there any chance of getting it fixed so I can add a user to it?  He does need to see the changes on this board.

If there were tools available to make the move that would be helpful.



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In the next Service Manager release, we are providing an option to migrate from Service Manager boards to the Board Manager app. You will not be required to update your processes for this migration phase, all your processes will continue to run smoothly. We expect to make this build available next week.


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