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Bulk Report Owner Update


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I have encountered a problem recently where a large number of reports all failed to run and the cause was that a colleague (and report owner) recently retired, putting all the scheduled reports into a failed status.

I have asked that the owner be updated and I have been advised that the only way to do this is is to copy them individually.

I can do this however I think that it would be far better if it were possible to manage report ownership in bulk within the portal.

I have appx 70 reports to copy, correct and reschedule individually, I am certain there will be accounts running hundreds, if not thousands of reports and the time lost rectifying the problems their report owners departure would cause would make it well worth adding this feature.


Many thanks

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Guest Paul Alexander

We've just had one of our analysts leave the company and she was the owner of lots of reports, which are now failing to run. 

Was an option to change the owner of reports ever added please? 

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