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Trying to get a BPM decision node to query incident logged time

James Gallally

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Good afternoon,

I am trying to get a BPM decision to work based on what time an incident was logged. The purpose is so that when it happens out of hours a set of actions gets triggered that don't normally happen in hours. I thought it looked simple enough until I found out that the Hornbill Automations -> Get Request Info -> Time logged is not written in the database. Its been a little while, and I am struggling to get insert this variable into a custom filed (which I believe I will then have to manipulate into a string ... ) so I can then do <> for the different actions.

Has anyone done this or have an example they can share?

Any help would be much apricated.




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@James Gallally

The "Time Logged" value is measured in seconds past midnight (UTC) so on my test of a Request raised at 4:19pm BST I have a value of 55149.000000, which is 15 hours, 19 minutes and 9 seconds past UTC (+1 hour for BST = 16:19:09)

i.e. (15*3600)+(19*60)+9

So to use this for working hours you'll firstly have to factor in whether the Request is raised during BST, then convert times past midnight into seconds, then proceed with the calculation.
The date/time functions in iBridge (which I'm not an expert on!) may help here.

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