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Auto Task to complete all outstanding tasks


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Hi Yelhay,

Thanks for your post.

I don't believe that there are any Hornbill Automations that could be used to complete all outstanding tasks.  Are you wanting to complete the tasks or cancel the tasks?  Completing a task would signify that the task has been done, and if you were to complete them all using some form of automation, then there is no way to know if the work was actually done or not.



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@Victor @James Ainsworth @yelyah.nodrog


I've just raised the same question.

I would like to be able to close bulk activities assigned to a particular team.

The reason for us is something I have raised many times but unfortunately is something that cannot be changed in Hornbill and that is for activities to be visible in a teams assigned calls.

What I find is any activity assigned to any team isn't visible, so most people do not know they are there, they have been advised many times in the past to check their activities but unfortunately the message never sinks in. So we find that teams have loads of activities assingned from over 2 years ago becasue they didn't know they were there.

When checking most calls the call is closed and has often been action by the team for the work that was originally assigned to them via an activity so I can see the work has been done but the activity is left open.

I am trying to move away from the use of Activitie for this reason and only use them in a few specific BP's.





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Hi Lee,

Can I ask if when you say Closed do you mean Cancelled?  I think that if there was something put in place for this, we would look at cancelling.  Any task that is set as completed in my opinion would suggest that something was done as part of that task.

Tasks can add a lot of value to a ticket, but in order for them to work, one needs to make sure that the ticket can't progress until the task is done.  There are options such as locking actions or preventing resolution until all the tasks are done that help with this.


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@James Ainsworth


Yes we could cancel them I guess as the work has been done. Is there a way to do that in bulk?


I agree tasks\activities are and would be very useful and I would love to use them more, but as mentioned people just forget to check their activities or the pop out menus on the side to view the activities and as such they don't get actioned.

I think stopping the progression\locking a call until the task is complete I think would be more hassle than it's worth as whoever has the call assigned would then end up having to chase up other teams to get them to complete their activity before they could complete a call. It won't really solve the problem.


I know it can't be done, but just being able to view a list of activities assigned to a team in their list of calls would solve the issue as that team would then be able to see what activities they have assigned and would action them.

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I would like to know if we could cancel old activities as a bulk also. 

Previously we were assigned tasks in error where the call owner was in another team.    Some activities relate to calls which have not moved past the Resolved state and some which appear as Closed. It would be useful to know so we can tidy up the older activities which are no longer required and have the calls moved over to a Closed state.


We make use of tasks/activities our end and find these useful.




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+1 here also 

I would like to be able to add a custom button to complete all activities associated with a request (specifically, a change).

Our reason for this would be that our change process notifies key decision makers and awaits their approval.

If our change manager hosts a meeting and gains agreement from the key decision makers they would like the ability to click a button to progress the change.

I can create a button easily enough and make it visible for changes only but cannot see how an autotask can close the open tasks.

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