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PNG file attachments appear to be corrupted


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We have an issue after a user has used the 'paste image here' option when raising a call using the Employee Portal.  When pasting the image, the file is attached to the open ticket with a name of 'paste_xxxxxxxxxxxx.png' (where x is replaced by randomised numbers).

When attempting to open any of these images (in any of the available image/photo applications), they appear to be corrupt and throw up an error message (see attached example).  If the same copied image is first pasted into a 3rd party program (such as MS Paint), saved as a PNG file then attached to the call, this issue doesn't occur.  Therefore it would appear Service Manager is corrupting the file when saving it as a PNG file.  Does anyone else have this issue or know how it can be resolved?

Seems this has only started recently as we can go back to calls raised about 3 weeks ago and open attachments pasted into calls in the same way without issue.



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