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Time Spent to be included in Timeline

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Can the time spent entered on Request List actions be included in the header information displayed on the timeline entry that is inserted into the request activity stream, so that is possible to see the time spent on each post without the need to open the timesheet dialog in the right-hand side. This would allow the timespent information to be viewable when printing the request.

This information was visible on the Call Diary view in Support Works, so it would be good to implement this functionality in Service Manager.




This could be configured as system setting or at service level, so it can be turned on or off, depending individual preferences for the instance.



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@Martyn Houghton thanks for your post.

We are currently looking at ways to show time recorded against individual posts on the request timeline. Most likely it will be done as an embedded link as shown below. The biggest challenge for us at the moment is making sure this is seen only by analysts and not customers, for example making sure it is not shown anywhere on the new employee portal.

I will update this thread when we have more to share.



Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 08.49.57.png

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