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Impact/Risk Assessments in PCFs


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@Adrian Simpkins


@Jeremy Did you get a response on this? We would also like to do this as the alternative is manually creating a flow in he BPM and PC to determine an outcome. If we could somehow inject the "assessments" that have already been configured into the BPM and PC so the requesting user can complete the assessment in their own context so further contribute to the impact and urgency of their request. 

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+1 from us here for this. Due to high incoming volumes our Analysts would struggle with completing this assessment on a large number of requests, and we already have a high uptake of Portal usage. If we can get this completed by the customer as they raise it, rather than the analyst and use this to perhaps auto set the priority as well as the impact to pre defined criteria it would be great. Currently I have some assessment questions our customers complete, and we set the priority from the outcome using the decision tree logic to control the priority. Having something like this available to transition from customer input to a priority / impact assessment would be really beneficial. 

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@Adrian Simpkins you could achieve this now I suppose in the short term if you add questions to the form like:

Impact of Issue - High (10), Medium(5), Low(0)
Does this affect other users? y(10)/n(0)
Is this impacting your work? y(15)/n(0)

Then give then numbers in the value/raw field like in brackets above, you could then take these and perform calculations on them and if the figure was:
0-4 = Low priority
5-14 = Medium priority
15 or above then High priority

I'm sure the numbers need to be tweaked but the premise is there to do this, in the BPM you can then (after calculations) assign the appropriate priority to the request?

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Hi Jeremy,

Currently we are just using a combination of offered values so the customer advises how many users, if they have alternative equipment, and confirmation of clinical / non-clinical area, and use the decision tree to set the priority, rather than using a numerical calculation like the internal assessment node. I will have a read up again though on assessments on the Wiki as this setup is something I have mirrored from an old instance we migrated onto our current instance.

However it would still be great to have the impact assessment currently in the BPM combined in some way in the PC, as we are already asking the questions from the customer, and our analysts currently have such heavy workloads adding another step to a request may be seen as counter productive!


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