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  1. Afternoon all, Our Asset manager has put a requirement on me that under 'Software Information' they'd like a 'quantity' field. I.e. To record how many licenses of a given piece of software we have? I've had a good look around and don't think this is possible for me to do? It would have to be added in a future update? Thanks Nick
  2. Thanks for the update and your efforts on this James, much appreciated
  3. Good Morning, We have a requirement to provide a list of templated Change Requests, Standard changes that have been pre-authorised and are routine and repeatable. Much of the details will be pre-populated, with perhaps only a few fields requiring input, the change will also not go through the authorisation steps all other changes do. Can someone point me in the right direct on where to start investigating this, and if it's something anyone else does in their organisation? I've had a search and creating 'Catalog Items' for given services seems the most likely way forward, but wou
  4. Hi James, Apologies for the slow reply on this one, it dropped off the radar a bit. Currently we set the schedule once the change has been raised, so using the schedule button on the actions bar. I think setting during progressive capture might not work for us as it's conceivable the timings might not be known at the stage of raising the change, for instance we might raise the change to then step through it with our customer so we can come to agreed timings. Regards, Nick
  5. Can we request that it's made possible please?
  6. Would really like to know if this is possible or if we need to request it as an improvement
  7. Morning all, Is there a way that I can show (where they exist) the scheduled times for a request in the request list view. Example being a Change that has been scheduled, it would be good to see those times in the request list. I appreciate users can (and maybe should) use the change calendar, but I've had a few users saying it would be useful to have that info available when looking at the list of changes, and I tend to agree with them. I assume as the data exists against the request, it's available somehow in that view? I've not gone down the path of mapping those times to custom f
  8. We're still having issues copying a request that successfully includes the Summary/Details AND custom fields. So far to give users some functionality we've had to sacrifice the Summary and Description. The crux of the issue seems to be whether or not the ' Copy Service' is included in the 'Log new change node'. If we don't set 'Copy Service' the Summary and Details copy across ok, if we do set it they don't, almost as if they're being over written by a blank details pane that is associated with that service? We've tried copying the Summary and Description on a subsequent node, but th
  9. Hoping for a some pointers as to why the cleaner utility isn't completing for us. The output we get when we run the tool is: ===== Hornbill Cleaner Utility v1.11.1 ===== Hornbill instance: lmco WARNING! This utility will attempt to delete records from the following entities as specified in your configuration file: * Requests (and related data) Are you sure you want to permanently delete these records? (yes/no): yes Are you absolutely sure? Type in the word 'delete' to confirm... delete getApplicationList MethodResult failed:I
  10. Apologies to hijack as this may not be relevant, but why does Custom_39 have a different naming convention?
  11. We've hit a slight snag with this, we've spent a few hours trying to sort it without much joy. When we duplicate the change record, all of the custom fields copy across ok, we've used the following node: However we can't get the Summary and description to copy. We've tried mapping the field as such: And also tried the built in option on the same node: But when the record is duplicated both Summary and Description are always blank. Can someone point me in the right direction, I feel I'm missing something obvious? Thanks
  12. Thanks James, I'll give BOard manager some focus. Much appreciated
  13. Afternoon all, We're very new to Hornbill, whilst we work though our on-boarding plan (currently implementing our change process) I want to investigate other areas HB might be able to provide us with value. Something my organisation does a lot is planned work, currently that piece of planned work would involve potentially multiple changes and multiple implementation tasks for various teams. Currently this would be planned/steps recorded in a spreadsheet. This can lead to issues, for instance the Service Desk might not realise they have a task as part of this planned work to E-mail the cus
  14. Thanks James, I appreciate your feedback, I'll give that a go. In investigating this though we've just noticed the details form that we've been designing (on one of our services) isn't populated across to our other services for that request type? Is this possible? I'm slightly apprehensive about having to manually design the form for each service in the first instance and then having to manually update all of them every time we want to implement a change, the risk of human error seems high.
  15. Update :- Managed to invoke the workflow (needed to port the service selected in the parent change into the new change). However I've hit a new snag, that when the parent change was created during the progressive capture stage the requester selects an individual that they want a certain authorisation task to be assigned to, however when the duplicated change gets to that step in the workflow it understandable falls down. Is there a way of taking the PC questions with the duplicated change? I've tried mapping the user selected in the PC to a custom field, copying that into the new change
  16. Thanks Daniel, I like this idea, and have set up as per your helpful instructions, however although a new Change record is created it (understandably) doesn't invoke the same workflow that brand new changes do. I.e. our Change workflow has a number of tasks that get fired out as the record moves through it's lifecycle. I feel like I'm missing a piece of the puzzle on how to make the duplicated change follow that same workflow. Thanks again Nick
  17. Thanks both, gives me something to make a start with.
  18. Hi all, We've just on-boarded to HB and are currently testing our Change workflow before go live. During some demo's a couple of uses have noted our current (and very basic) system has the ability to create a new Change from one that already exists, i.e. it copies the details into a new one, at which point the requester can change any of the minor differing details - I.e. the software version in the description. Can any more experienced users highlight how they do this, or how you might go about it please? Many thanks Nick
  19. Morning all, Is there a way of changing the 'no reply' prefix on e-mails that have been auto generated by the system, i.e. those that contain an authorisiation task? I was hoping the following setting would do it, but changing it doesn't seem to have made any difference. Many thanks Nick
  20. Thanks Steven, That all worked, much appreciated! Nick
  21. Thanks for the swift reply Steven, I'll give this a go.
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