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BPM Editor - Weirdness


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So this morning I have been doing some work in our BPMs and when adding multiple decisions when you add more than one it removes the previous decision.

I have recorded this behaviour and can be viewed below, but this is causing some headaches for us this morning....


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Hi Jeremy I have come across the same issue I inserted a new decision node then the follow on decision nodes errored out, and now I can not get it working ! Error code I am getting:
Error: decision ("s1"/"decision-871260cb") parse: at 2/10: "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token )" return [() == true, (true) == true]; })()" ------------------------------ (function()( var outcome=false;if(global{"inputParams"]["outcome"]) {outcome = global["outputParams"] ["outcome"];}else {outcome = global["flowcode"]["outcome"];} return [() == true, (true) == true]:})()

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