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FAQs not honouring formatting


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We have been going through the process of setting up a lot of FAQs for various services, but it seems that when you add links it does not honour these in the resolution. I have included the FAQ, resolution text and email below to show what we mean, if you send the link e.g. http://xxxx.com/xxx/xxx this works but we would like to make them look 'pretty'.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Resolution Text


Email sent to customer


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Further to this, is it possible to either share FAQs across services or to have the ability to change the service that a FAQ is associated to?

Also a place where all the FAQs are available to view to add/edit would be great, maybe even a central place to add FAQs and then at the end before creating you choose which service(s) they are available too. So essentially a FAQ portal.

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@Jeremy at the moment the resolution box won't pull the formatting from an FAQ through to the resolution box - it has been flagged with the development team but it isn't a straight forward change AFAIK. Emails will be able to support any formatting such as hyperlinks, images, logos, etc. and your FAQs will display fine on the self service, just not the resolution box at the moment. It has been flagged to the right people so I will try to update you here as soon as there is more info on this one.  For the moment you could send the formatting in an email using an email template, or send a link to the FAQ on the self service in the email.

In terms of managing the FAQs in one central place, it's not possible at the moment as they are driven through each service - I personally think is a good idea, but again that would be quite complex to change so I will flag it with the relevant teams for discussion.

Apologies for the delay on this one Jeremy, and the answers aren't great at the moment but I will try and keep you updated


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Has anymore work been done on this, to allow the links and rich text formatting to carry through from the FAQ to the Resolution Emails?

This would greatly help our communications look more professional to our customers and cut down a lot of manual work copying and pasting details into the resolution box.

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+ 1 for this for as we are just starting to look at FAQs and how we could use them.  Being able to send out a nicely formatted resolution emails with links in them would .

I'd also like a central place to hold the documents too as some of ours may be across more than one service.   Reading the other thread on this post it sounds like there are some changes coming to knowledge management so these may help me out too.


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