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  1. Hi @Ann This was released to live on the 19th of April, so you will have it ready to go. It's detailed here under the change section. Thanks Conor
  2. @Martyn Houghton Yes it will still respect the maintenance window, so for these few days it will only apply if the cache expires within the maintenance window i.e. if the cache expires after the maintenance window closes then the apps will be updated during the next window. @Stuart Torres-Catmur this is also the reason for your apps not having been updated yet - they will only update within the maintenance window, so if yours haven't yet then they will during the next maintenance window that you've configured within your instance. In terms of moving forward though, I've just clarified wit
  3. Hi @Stuart Torres-Catmur This is to do with a caching change made recently - currently set to 8 hours but has been updated to be 1 hour from the next platform build. Basically it will auto-update after 8 hours right now, and from the next platform build it will be a maximum of 1 hour until the auto updates kick in. Hope this helps Conor
  4. Hi @Will J Douglas In the meantime the site selected in the Progressive Capture will display correctly within the request if the request is logged via the analyst portal. You could also set up a custom question within the PC using the same data as the site form, like this: As @Mohamed says this will be fixed shortly too, the above options are also available in case the requirement is urgent. Kind regards Conor
  5. Hi @BobbyB That's a difficult question... From what I understand we don't publish the rolling roadmap for any application other than Service Manager firstly, but secondly they all tie in together too which means that while the Supplier Manager dev team may have created something to address the above issue (for example), other teams such as the Service Manager dev team, the Hornbill platform team, etc. also then need to create something to allow the Supplier Manager enhancement to show and function correctly. Each team obviously have their own priorities, as well as working together on thi
  6. Hi @Ann I've double checked with the relevant development team and they've said it's not currently on the 90 day rolling roadmap. It is on the list of planned enhancements for Supplier Manager, but it won't be added in the next 90 days. Thanks Conor
  7. Hi @BobbyB Just to be sure that I'm following here - do you have the supplier event starting on an Off-Hold/Active status? In my environment I've set the sub-status to only allow supplier events starting when a request is put On-Hold, and then the event stops when the request is put back Off-Hold/Active. The reason I'm confirming this is because traditionally the request will go On-Hold while the request is with the supplier, because the support team cannot do anything while the supplier is working on the request, so it pauses the timer and awaits the supplier response. Wh
  8. Hi @Ann I didn't see this - if you prefix a users name with an '@' symbol in the post you will send them a notification to say that they've been mentioned/tagged. To answer the question yes you would need an active sub-status in order to end the supplier event by selecting it from the drop down to take it off hold and back with the support team.
  9. Hi @Ann The only way to end a supplier event at the moment is to manually change the status on the Incident from 'On Hold' to 'Active', this will end the event. I've just tested this myself, and it's not possible to end the event from the supplier record (I doubt this will change though, as it's the Incident driving the event), and an auto update via email from the supplier won't currently end the event either (this also means that if your on-hold status gets turned to an active status automatically by an email update, the status will have to manually go back to 'On-Hold' before manu
  10. Hi @samwoo A user will only require a collaboration license if they need to see the request details for the request they are authorising on the self service (or the analyst interface). An external authoriser does not need a collaboration license, and they will not be able to see the request details on the self service. External authorisation is basically email authorisation, so a collaboration license is not required, however they will be limited on what they can see in relation to their authorisation task (as discussed above). The external authoriser does not need to be
  11. Hi @Andy Woodley It is possible yes, within each question in PC you can use the variable picker next to the label field to get the logged in users variables, then simply copy and paste the variable code into the place you want it. These are the options availabe: You won't be able to get it side by side on the self service view, however one on top of the other would be straight forward within the Progressive Capture config. A couple of other points to mention here - users can change their own details on the self service in the top right of the portal too by clicking o
  12. Hi @Janett Dervish That update was to allow authorisers to view the requests on the self service, however they still need to be licensed collaboration users (not free end users) to be an authoriser. External authorisation is basically email authorisation, so they will not be able to see authorisation requests on the self service. They will get a link to a web page with the authorisation task details in it, but not the request details. You could use the BPM to copy the relevant details of the request into the authorisation task, but as I say the external authorisers will not be
  13. Hi @HHH You will need to get the customer details in the BPM first, and get the line managers ID from there. Then you will need to get that users details in the below node to get the line managers email address (put the line manager ID in the User ID option): Then you will be able to pass the email of the line manager through to the external auth node
  14. @James Gallally In the expression 'Summary contains Down ended' - what have you got in there? It may be that the expressions are too similar? If that's not the case, one option may be to try the 'starts with' against Down, rather than contains.
  15. Hi @James Gallally I have tried this a few different ways and it seems to work fine for me... Do you have an example summary string that the expression is evaluating against I can test it on? For example, my latest expression is this: And the string it is evaluating against is this: If I have hardware in the summary instead of Software, then it goes down the 'No Match' route. It looks like you have the same thing though so I'm not sure what the difference could be. If you add in a new timeline update for the next node in your process for the 'No Match' route, doe
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