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  1. @Josh Bridgens I've asked the question of the wider support team as I'm not sure why it's working for me but not for you. Pure curiosity - is there any difference if you try this URL? https://live.hornbill.com/shawtrust/catalog/service/com.hornbill.servicemanager/101/serviceRequest/
  2. @Josh Bridgens if it's all PCFs on the self service then there's something bigger going on - firstly have you tried it as a different user and / or on a different browser? Secondly could you confirm in the admin portal -> applications -> service manager that you are currently on version 2341?
  3. @Josh Bridgens That is not what I was hoping to read LOL What's are the condition details in the 'self service' condition you've got there? I'll then test that bit out on my instance
  4. @Josh Bridgens Do other PCFs work ok? Can you access the same PCF from the agent view?
  5. Hi @Josh Bridgens It's working fine for me, however I have seen this when the PCF isn't active - after updating the PCF it always needs to be both saved and activated before it can be used (saved and activated in the admin portal). Usually this is the reason for the spinning logo when trying to access a PCF from the agent or self service portals.
  6. Hi @Ben Cook Yes - if you open the PCF you want to access yourself, then copy that URL from the browser, you can use that URL on the sharepoint page which will link directly to that PCF. All users will need to log in first so that the system will know who it is raising the ticket. All users will also need to have access via the service portfolio too, so any user trying to access that URL will need to be able to see that same PCF on their self service already. If they couldn't see the PCF on their self-service already, then they won't be able to access via the URL either It will go to the whole PCF rather than an individual form within a PCF to be clear - if you only want users to be presented with one of the forms within a PCF, you would need a PCF comprising of only that form
  7. @Paul Alexander You'll need to get the reason by 'Getting last Authorisation Details' like the below, and from there you want the completion details field
  8. Hi @Paul Alexander It is possible, it's just hidden away.. The below forum post has all the info you need. I would give all members of the teams mentioned above either the specific assignment role or a custom group, which will keep it simple for adding and removing users, however you mention exactly 6 approvers so if you go down the majority route it may need some tweaking as it'll be exactly half if one from each team approves... it's 50-50
  9. Hi @Chris Rabbatts The custom exspressions can be created on the exits of decision nodes: The exits need something in there, whether it is based on the outcome of a task just before the decision, or based on the criteria within the ticket running against the process, something needs to be in there. To create a custom expression click on the above highlighted sections, and then select custom expresson in the drop down, like the below:
  10. @Berto2002 if the key thing is to remove the suspended workflows you could simply delete the relevant workflow instances from the Executed Processes list? The best way will be to stop the requests from getting to the point of sending emails, rather than trying to temporarily stop all outbound emails
  11. Hi @Berto2002 The easiest way would be to simply resolve/close/cancel the requests. This will stop the BP from progressing and then sending the resolution emails. If these actions are locked in the BP (and so the only way to resolve/close is to progress the BP) then it may be possible to stop the outbound mail while you tidy up, and then remove these outbound mail items from the outbox before turning the outbound mail back on, but I wouldn't recommend that as it would also affect any other emails that may be going out at the same time.
  12. @AndyHill @Vikki Cameron It's back for me, Could you refresh the browser?
  13. Hi @Ann-MarieHolloway I believe webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.resolve.denyWithOpenActivities is the setting you are looking for in the Service Manager admin settings Thanks
  14. Hi @Tina.Lapere Steves idea above is a good one; hide the service from the employee portal and then auto post updates from the Joint Processes service ticket BPM to the original HR request which the customer will be able to see on the self service. Customers will only be able to see the original ticket, and any ICT updates will be pushed into it to keep them updated. (just seen your update to this idea) Other options I can think of include: hiding the catalogue items for the joint processes service so a customer can see the service and any linked tickets, but they won't be able to raise any new tickets against the service. This could be through the catalogue visibility option within the service against each CI, or simply updating the catalogue items to be only visible to the servicedesk. Trouble with this one is that customers would see the service, but if they drilled in they wouldn't have any options which could confuse, but they'd have the ability to see any tickets they've logged against the service and follow all updates. Alternatively there is now an option to change the service against a logged ticket in the BPM, but it doesn't have to restart the BPM... So a new ticket is raised against the HR service, the ICT joint processes ticket is raised and linked to the original with the new BPM, that ICT BPM could then switch the service to a service & CI that the customer can see on the self service so that they can follow the updates but they won't be able to see the joint processes service at all, and the ICT BPM will continue as normal. Once the relevant ICT process steps have been completed the BPM could switch it back to the original ICT Joint processes service. This one isn't ideal as it could throw your reporting out for these requests depending on what you filter your reports on and/or how your analysts manage these tickets (as they'd be under a different service), however it would meet your initial requirement and it'd be relatively simple to configure. This is where you'd find the change service option in the BPM: Just a couple of ideas, but I'll post back if I think of any others
  15. @Tina.Lapere @Alisha has got it spot on - user.core.home in translations changes that string
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