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Timesheet Manager widget is missing information for reports


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Good afternoon

We have an issue with a widget on a report that is not adding the call details of a call that they have worked on (and added time) where they are not the owner of that call.

The technician can see the time that they have added to the call is shown in their 'My timesheets' and the call itself shows their time too but the call details are not displayed in the widget.

The widget component to gather the accumulated technician data is:

select h_pk_reference as 'Call No', h_summary as 'Summary', h_datelastmodified as 'Last Modified', h_withinfix as 'Status' from h_itsm_requests
where h_status IN ('status.open')
AND h_ownerid = 'AVAUG'
AND h_datelastmodified >= CURDATE()

The report then uses the following:

select h_minutes, h_update_time from h_timesheet_values

where h_member='AVAUG'

order by h_update_time


Looks like the update field (h_update_time) on h_timesheet_values is not being updated.


@Hornbill Support Team - Where are we going wrong please? See attached





cc:  @Geoff Soper @Ann-MarieHolloway



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