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  1. @David Hallthank you. I forgot it was mixed in with cost centre, department, division etc. I thought that company had it's own management list. All sorted now - many thanks.
  2. All Please save my sanity and remind me where to add additional company names in Service Manager. Thanks, Andrew
  3. Yes Victor, this is for Gareth.
  4. I have but I think it's related to me not making the new team available as a supporting team against a Service in the Service Portfolio. Now all good thanks Mary. Andrew
  5. That is the view criteria that I created for me but when trying to create it for my colleague, Gareth, nothing happened, it did not save. Andrew
  6. I am looking to upload a .csv template to update Assets. Situation is that we have dozens of Assets that need to be marked as being disposed and I believe that the Manage Assets Bulk Upload function can do this, and as long as we verify on Serial Number no duplicates will be created. Initially I thought the function was for 'NEW' only but then remembered the VERIFICATION option I tried uploading my a test .csv but that failed The reason made no sense to me other than a database error occurred. Andrew
  7. I have created a new Service Desk team called 'Asset & Software Management' but it is not appearing in assignment dropdowns It should appear between 'Argo' & 'Business Patents'
  8. Can the bulk upload .csv be used to 'Update' existing records without creating duplicates or only used to 'Upload' new records?
  9. I have been working with our FM department to see whether Service Manager will work for them and demonstrating how to set up a view to filter FM assets from IT but the view for Gareth does not 'save'. The VIEW is configured like this: But I suspect security settings or permissions are preventing him being able to 'save' the VIEW
  10. Hi A new Service Managed user is unable to save a View from Manage Assets His roles/permissions are: He is able to edit Asset Types and their attributes but just cannot save a View. No errors returned. Any help gratefully received. Regards, Andrew
  11. I have forgotten where sites are managed in Service Manager. Please help. Regards, Andrew
  12. Hi We are looking to capture FM assets in Service Manager along with IT Assets and in order to do this I need to be able to create a new Asset Class of FM so that I can create FM specific Asset Types. Our instance is configured with General (Asset Class) and Furniture (Asset Type) underneath but I cannot see how to create a new Asset Type of FM to enable me to create FM Asset Types, eg Desk 1600, Manual Desk 1600, Electric Desk 1600, Conference Table 1600, Standard Chair, Ergo Chair etc (you get the drift). I could add all of these desk types under General (as opposed to just furniture) but thought it better to have a top class of FM (could be easier for reporting etc). @Hornbill Support Teamplease advise if this is possible and how to go about configuring Service Manager to achieve this result. @anyone else - has anyone used Service Manager in this way and do you have any tips please? Regards, Andrew
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