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Enhancement Request: Dynamic Capture Task Fields

Dan Munns

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Could we have to option to make the capture fields within tasks dynamic please? The same way as in PC. 

We have a number of capture fields which I don't want shown if the first capture field is not set as a specific value and the number of fields shown an be confusing as it is not easily understood what fields are mandatory in certain circumstances. 

I.e. Capture field 1 is set to value A which then makes fields 4-6 mandatory, but I cant do that currently.


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Hi @Steven Boardman thanks for the response. 

1 minute ago, Steven Boardman said:

 basically reusing

Does this highlighted word mean that you will be providing a more basic function set for tasks or that basically (from the user perpective) you will reusing the PC stuff, but in reality it will be a lot of work? :) 

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Sorry, just a re-use of existing functionality so hopefully not to much work involved. 

In terms of capability, it should be like for like - with one exception being, there is no concept of previous forms in the tasks, so it would only use values from previous answers on the current task form.  

We'll keep you updated 

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