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Questions section of request is missing

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@Victor I have just noticed the same on a request that has been raised. User was prompted to answer questions as part of the progressive capture, but then the Questions tab is not present on the request any longer. Please see screen grabs below, one is a release request from last week and another is from today.



No questions.PNG


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@Awalker @Stuart Torres-Catmur We have logged a defect for this issue PM00151119. When you access our portal, you should be able to indicate that you are also affected because we have published this defect on the portal. 
In order to investigate this, in the next Service Manager update, we will increase the level of logging. After running the next Service Manager update, could you kindly provide us some example call references so that we check the logs.



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  • Victor changed the title to Questions section of request is missing

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