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  1. @DeadMeatGF Glad to hear that it's ok now. I tried to reach you but all is good now Regards Pam
  2. Advanced Analytics

    @Darren Rose It is highly likely that refreshing those measures will resolve this issue. Select one of them and then click on the Refresh button at the top of the list of measures. This could be related to the issue you had earlier and refreshing the measure will fix it. If it doesn't, update me and I will investigate further. Regards Pamela
  3. Advanced Analytics

    @Darren Rose When you open one of those measures to see the details do you get the status showing up as error? What is the error message shown under the status? Regards Pamela
  4. Invalid session errors

    @Ralf Peters Just seeking an update from yourselves. Have you seen these errors in the system yesterday and today? Could you just update me on this? Thanks Pamela
  5. Can't see Catalogue items in one service

    @Paul Alexander Based on our communication in the support call, it was a case of the calalog item being inadvertently created without a progressive capture. We have put in place some code to prevent catalog items from being saved without a progressive capture so it won't be happening again. Thanks Pamela
  6. Invalid session errors

    @Ralf Peters Thanks for the update. It's good to know but we are still looking into what caused this in the first place and will update you when we can. Thanks Pamela
  7. Invalid session errors

    @Ralf Peters We are investigating this. Please bear with us Thanks Pamela
  8. Service Manager Update Error

    @Ralf Peters Yes the update button is active again because we resolved the issue of the discrepancy between 1033 and 1049 that you had yesterday. Please go ahead and do the update now. This time when you check the update history it should show you 1049 rather than 1033. As we said yesterday the users will have to log out and log in again. Thanks for your patience. Pamela
  9. Service Manager Update Error

    @Ralf Peters You should still have the update history. Can you hold off on this just for a moment? I will let you know when you can reinstall Thanks Pamela
  10. Service Manager Update Error

    @Ralf Peters Yes I did discuss this with Dave and in hind sight he agrees that it's best to reinstall because it's not normal for you to see the last update as being 1033 from the update history and yet it shows you are running 1049. Thanks Pamela
  11. Service Manager Update Error

    @Ralf Peters Earlier you mentioned "this when i now go to the "app store", the update option is no longer available and it shows running build 1049 , update history only shows build 1033 7th August as last update ." I suggested re-installing so that these two places are consistent. From the examples you have given, it sounds like the update may not have been successful. regards Pamela
  12. Service Manager Update Error

    @Ralf Peters You could uninstall and re-install Service Manager by going to the admin tool, Add More Apps, then uninstall Service Manager from there. Afterwards you can re-install it. You could do this when no one is using it as they may need to log out and log in again. regards Pamela
  13. Service Support by Everyone EXCEPT...?

    Hi everyone, I have raised this for internal discussions. I hope to provide some feedback as soon as possible. Please bear with us. Thanks Pamela
  14. Feedback notification

    @Paul Alexander I have investigated this one and the current functionality does not allow one to send a notification to Management once feedback on a request has been provided. Alternatively, since the customer feedback is visible from the request, you could set up a report that you can run daily to enable you to review the feedback that has been left. In a situation like this where Hornbill does not have the current functionality you are requesting, we find it useful to know why you might require a certain feature so that the Product Owners are aware of your business requirement. Thanks Pamela
  15. Feedback notification

    @Paul Alexander By service do you mean a Service Manager service, for example, Desktop Support or do you mean how an analyst handled a ticket that is now resolved and the customer has provided some feedback on the ticket handling? I was just hoping for some clarification before I can come up with an answer. Regards Pamela