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  1. Pamela

    Searching for requests failing

    @RobW The way to resolve this issue is to re-index hornbillitsm. This can be done by going to Home > System > Data > Index Storage and selecting hornbillitsm. Ensure that you select the New Option when running this re-indexing. Please do this out of hours as it may affect performance if done during working hours. And it may take a while so better to do this over the weekend. Thanks Pamela
  2. Pamela

    Renaming Queue

    @Kelvin It is ok to rename a queue from the organisation view. The organisation id will not change of course because it is the one referenced in table relationships but the organisation name will be updated where ever it is referenced. Thanks Pamela
  3. Pamela

    Cannot Save Business Processes

    @Logan Graham @Chris Thompson The issue is now fixed and the fix is available now You should now be able to copy and change BPMs without issues Thanks Pamela
  4. Pamela

    Cannot Save Business Processes

    @Logan Graham Let me ask Development if they have made the fix available. Perhaps they have not yet Thanks Pamela
  5. Pamela

    Cannot Save Business Processes

    @Logan Graham @Chris Thompson I am pleased to say Development have resolved this issue and will soon make the fix available. You can try to save the BPMs after say an hour Thanks Pamela
  6. @Joyce I see you raised a request regarding this issue. We shall continue from there Thanks Pamela
  7. Pamela

    Error handling in BPM

    @HHH Could you please ensure that you use the outcome of success or failure as all BPM flowcodes are meant to have success/failure outcome. Thanks Pamela
  8. Pamela

    Cannot Save Business Processes

    @Logan Graham @Chris Thompson Did you try and copy a BPM and make changes and save on the same day? It looks like you did on the 17th. Please confirm. This is the test I did on my test server. However, it doesnt matter you can copy on one day and make changes any other day but for the purposes of this test I was hoping to track the workflow changes from copy to savings. Nevertheless, I have reported this to Development so perhaps they will shed some more light on this. Please bear with us. Thanks Pamela
  9. Pamela

    Cannot Save Business Processes

    @Chris Thompson @Logan Graham I have tested this on my test instances and I am unable to replicate this. While I am still investigating this issue, could you try clearing your cache just to make sure? Or even log out and log back in again and try to modify the copied BPM again. Also it would help if you could give me a date and time you last tried this so that I look in the logs to see if there is any useful error. Thanks Pamela
  10. Pamela

    Cannot Save Business Processes

    @Logan Graham Even then I don't get your issue. Can you screenshot the rights you have please? Thanks Pamela
  11. Pamela

    Cannot Save Business Processes

    @Logan Graham Would you mind explaining how you are creating a copy of the BPM? I only have admin rights and Business Process manager rights but am able to save the new BPM. There could be some differences in our replication steps. Thanks Pamela
  12. @Kelvin I would say a good starting point would be to go through this documentation on our wiki page https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Routing_Rules When you click the Show Examples links you will see more detail as to how you can specify the routing rules. There is even a video to help you understand this even better. If you go to Home > Hornbill Service Manager > Email > Routing Rule templates from the admin tool you can create a Routing rule template using a service and its catalog item. That way when the request is logged from email, the BPM referenced in the catalog item will initiate. Why don't you give it a try and let us know how you get on? Thanks Pamela
  13. Pamela

    error when logging/updating/cancelling

    @Jeremy With regards to the 'could not initialise core data - error code' you raised last Thursday, have you seen this error again in the past few days? Thanks Pamela
  14. Pamela

    Searching Service Manager

    @Jeremy We are discussing this one internally. I will get back to you when we have something Thanks Pamela
  15. Pamela

    View attachments in browser

    @DeadMeatGF @HHH @Jeremy @samwoo @Martyn Houghton Sorry for the late response. There is actually a Change Request for this issue. I have not ETA at the moment but Development are discussing it. Thanks Pamela