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issue with summary screen after logging a call?

lee mcdermott

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It has been noticed that now when a call is logged when you get the summary screen to either view the call or you can click OK it used to take you back to the request list when you click OK.


However now it does not it just stays on the summary screen and you have to manually browse back to the request list.


is this a known issue or can it be changed back to how it was?





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Hi @lee mcdermott, @Kevin,

We've found a problem with a recent change we did to the Custom Forms in progressive capture. When you have one of these, it changes the browser's history and  that makes the problem of getting back to the request list or getting back to the page you came from.

We are working now on solving the issue. It should be in the next build of the Collaboration Core.

Thank you,


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