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Publish Raise a Project to the Portal

Darren Rose

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This would be a great feature. To give some background.

We manage an internal (to my dept) project list covering many technical and business related projects. However, we need to report some of these projects upto senior management who are not Hornbill Analyst users. If they were able to see the projects which they were stakeholders of in the portal, that would be very useful.





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@Darren Rose @Keith just to update here, we have now added Hornbill iBridge options to raise Projects automatically from business processes in Service Manager. 

This allows you to offer Services in Service Manager with request catalog items pertaining to raising projects - something like this:


Against these options the business process engine will create a request in Service Manager, and in this process you can define the creation of a new project in Project Manager.   A typical use case would be for the project request to be reviewed and approved by the business before the project is raised automatically using the Integration Call option in the Hornbill iBridge.

Read more about the Project Manager iBridge Options here on the wiki:



As with any iBridge option you can use the variable picker to insert variables from the progressive capture questions, request details into the newly created project, and or you can invoke predefined project templates when using the integration call. 


The iBridge options also allow the following:

* Create, Update, Remove or Get information about Project Milestones

* Create, Update, Remove or Get information about Project Costs

* Create, Update, Remove or Get information about Project Risks

* Create, Update or Remove Project Stakeholders

Hope this helps


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@Keith let us know if you have any questions while you are testing, or flag anything you feel is missing for you in order to take advantage of it?

As per our communication, moving the app out of BETA doesn't mean we will stop evolving it's features and capabilities, and we continue to actively encourage feedback on it's capabilities, so we can continue to mature the app, based on both customer feedback and our strategic objectives.



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