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I'm receiving a few questions around the requests list from guys who mostly deal with changes and releases. They'd like a column within the Requests List which shows the BPM status, as in "for approval", or whatever stage it's at.

I know we will be using boards for CAB etc. but that will be for all, not just the ones an engineer owns or their team own.

Is this possible or is this something I'd be able to request? Or is there a better way of the guys viewing their changes and releases?

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Hi @alecwa

Thanks for the post

With the existing the Boards functionality each agent can filter the board to see only the changes etc which they own by clicking on their image, this will show their changes by stage. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.34.50.png

Another option open to you is to use the request sub-statuses to reflect the progress of your changes through their lifecycle and in your business processes you can have these automatically updated as actions such as reviews, assessments, approvals etc have been completed - use the update status option.  This will then allow your agents on the request list to use the sub-status column to see current progress (as below)


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.32.58.png

Using the sub-statutes you can set these globally in the admin tool per request type, but you can also set up service specific and request type sub-statuses so you could just create these on change types for the services you manage changes / releases against, or globally if you need this across all changes on all services.

More info on the wiki-here for sub-statuses 




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