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  1. Hi Gerry. Yes I understand the current reporting engine is limited and this is where the frustration comes from. We really need something like an API, or some form of Power Bi plug-in which enables us to query live data. We've found this current method is the only way to report to the business in near real time, but like we said, it's a pain and very time consuming to maintain.
  2. Yes that's correct - we require the historical data to get new/modified Power Bi reports. So we're exporting all, open, closed, on hold, everything, for all time.
  3. We’re exporting the following: Request ID Logged Date Logged By Category Request Type Closed Date Closed By Description Summary External Ref No RPN Customer Code Company Name Closure Category Priority Source Customer Department Services We may also use others sometimes. We have had to set up reports that have request ID and one other category because we reached the 25000 cell limit so early on. We generate approx. 600 tickets per week.
  4. Hi @Gerry thanks for your reply. We need to be able to extract the data so that we can use Power BI for reporting. Hornbill doesn’t have the functionality to export data automatically so we have to use reports so that we can automatically refresh our data. We use Power BI as we integrate data from other areas to provide a full reporting pack back to the business, so solely using Hornbill’s reports doesn’t work for us. Using R Script isn’t ideal and we would love to be able to refresh via an API, but we’ve been told that isn’t possible. We need to refresh our data throughout the day every hour (approx.) up to 8 times per day to keep business dashboards accurate. Hope this helps! :-) Alec
  5. Hello, It's been a real pain since we implemented Hornbill that the max cell count on report exports is 25000. Our Service Manager had to spend 2 days appending reports to set up our Power BI dashboard for 2019, which she really shouldn't have. Can you let us know when this will be increased or ideally set to unlimited? Alternatively... Will we be getting a direct API connection for Power BI or anything similar which would get us around this problem? Thanks, Alec
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth Yes we haven't seen these symptoms in a long long while so I believe it got resolved. Thanks for checking.
  7. @Steven Boardman - This is looking good, thanks! Can't wait to see what improvements are made to the search facility!
  8. That does make sense, sir.
  9. Aha! Thanks @Dan Munns! Do you happen to know why this is kept here and nto in the same place as Job Title, Email address etc.?
  10. Hi, probably a pretty easy one... We are going to pull our staff's department names through from AD into Hornbill. I've checked co-worker's "about" info and there doesn't appear to be a predefined field to populate. Has anyone else done this, and if so did you just use one of the customer attributes? Thanks.
  11. Hello. Not sure what being added to a change does, but can I check Press Association is on there as an invested party? I'm still receiving comments from unhappy analysts every week. For example: "Are you aware that the hornbill search function isn’t very helpful and is there anything that can be done about it? For example, if I want to search for [PA Device Name Removed] l get a lot of results, not all including the actual name. It seems to date order on each page of results but the results overall aren’t in date order. At the minute its inconvenient but eventually with more tickets its going to be useless." Thanks, Alec.
  12. Hi @Victor . . . I made it worse by adding every team to the custom view. Now there are no requests. I'll send you a PM with further details.
  13. Hi! I may be doing something a bit silly, I am not sure... But a colleague wanted to have a view of all tickets for users in our Edinburgh office, but this came back blank. I gave it a go just in case he'd configured it wrong, but mine came back with just one ticket... I know at least one other person with a site of "Edinburgh" has two tickets against them, so this view should bring back much more than one! Anything obvious I should be trying? The users in question do have their "site" field populated with "Edinburgh"... Other than that I don't know what could be going wrong...
  14. It looks like there's many a frustrated Hornbill user out there praying for a better search function. In my mind it's fundamental. if only it were as simple as SupportWorks!
  15. Hey @chrisnutt thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one getting frustrated by this. The point of a search is so you can quickly search for something by keyword or similar without having to spend minutes setting up a new view, just to find that one thing! Being unable to do that is causing issues, and wasting time.
  16. Hi @Lyonel Thanks for the reply. Even going about it this was there's no way to sort all by date for me to day, only look at stuff logged last week. There's stuff logged last week on all 6 pages in all request types! :-(
  17. Hello, Not sure if I've spoken to folds about this before or not, but it's something that's frustrating me! If I want to quickly search for tickets that include a certain detail, for example the below when I want to see tickets that mention "greyhounds". The results are not in any particular order. Or they look like they go by class, then date... but then on the next page there's more of each class with differing dates again. With most search results you can change how these are sorted. Like you can click a date column and have it sort by Date Logged, or Owner. But in Hornbill it seems you cannot do this? Are you guys working on any improvements to this, or am I doing something wrong?
  18. Hi @Victor I just tested this with a member of our CS. The error came up, she deleted half the text, then it let her add the email successfully. So in this case I can confirm it was too much text. Not that this can be the only reason for the error obviously!
  19. Hey @Victor thanks for spotting that. Noted! That sounds like you're right as the mail was pretty massive. I will ask the guys to keep the size of the mails down and we'll see if any more errors crop up. Thanks again for your help!
  20. Hello! At least once a day our service desk receive the below error when attaching an email to a request. The only way to do it is to copy and paste it manually into the request. Any idea how we can figure out why this is occurring? Thanks.
  21. Hi @Steven Boardman thank you very much!
  22. Hi, Is it possible to search for requests and see you results in chronological order? Or in fact can you dictate at all how you want your results to be displayed? When I search for a term, the results seem to be in no particular order and if becomes very hard to find the tickets your looking for! maybe a dev request for additional search functionality? Thanks
  23. Hi, We are getting a few message processing errors which state "Failed to add message to the inbound queue. Operation[mail::addMessageToQueue] The XMLXC request message contains invalid characters for the UTF-8 encoding scheme". I recall there were some setting which can tell Hornbill to attempt to process the mail anyway? We've asked the user to resend the mails a couple of times now and this is happening every time. Thanks.
  24. So you know what I am on about... Before when it auto logged an email it said: Now it says:
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