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Integrating with Xerox


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Good Morning all,

We have a printer service with Xerox, however they have their own call logging system that they like us to log calls to. Because of this we do not log the calls in Hornbill as we would then have to raise a separate email to Xerox to advise them of the issue, and because the  2 systems are not integrated together we would have to manually update the hornbill calls each time with the Xerox updates. We would also have to close the call in hornbill manually.

What we want is to be able to create a call in hornbill that sends as email directly to Xerox. Then when they update we want them to send one back to us that goes into the ticket?

Is this possible? if so what would I need to do?


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Emailing Xerox is relatively straightforward, as long at the BPM can identify that it's a Xerox call (through a defined Service/Catalog Item, a specific SLA or category, for example)

Getting the call back in is dependent on having a recognisable "hook" in the email you receive - preferably your call reference. Then a routing rule can pick it up and the assigned operation takes the actions to update the existing call.

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Ok, So we would need to set up a service/catalog item called "Xerox printers" for example, How would I create a BPM that can identify that it is a Xerox call? just by going through the normal process until it picks up the catalog item? - Then creating a node that emails the Xerox team....

However coming back in I really don't know how to create a "hook" - Obvs we would use the SR or IN number as the recognisable "Hook" but how do I then get that email to assign to the call?



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@yelyah.nodrog in our instance we have our update call email rule set as per the attached. 

This will obviously only work if Xerox reply to the original email sent by yourselves or if they include your reference number in the subject line. It doesn't matter where the reference number is in the subject line as long as it is there.

Service Manager will then attach the email to the call with the matching reference number. This will work for ALL email replies that contain the reference so you may want to setup an out of office rule to run before the update rule to filter out automatic reply emails (as per the second attachment) 

Hope that helps




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Yes so the regex check is broken down as:

In the subject line ignore any number of any characters in front of a group set out like this, upper or lower case characters a-z (2 of) followed by any number 0-9 (8 of), there can also be any number of any characters behind.

So no matter where in the subject line it is, as long as the format is correct it will find the reference number and if the reference number is attached to an open call (or closed if you have set it up that way) it will add the update.

Obviously if you have custom reference numbers you will need to change the regex check accordingly (so if you use INC00000001 rather than IN00000001 just change the {2} to {3} for example) 

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