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BP error on decision?

lee mcdermott

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I am struggling to get this working. As far as I can tell it is configured correctly any ideas?

The human activity is created fine called Is a workaround available - outcome is Yes or No.

If selecting No the BP processes fine.

If selecting Yes it always fails with the error shown below.


The outcomes for the decision are correct and set to No and Yes repectively






problem bp.JPG

problem bp error.JPG

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Guest Ehsan

Hi @lee mcdermott,

Could you kindly provide a screenshot of the configuration of the Task? The error indicates that the BPM failed to create the Human Task.



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7 minutes ago, DeadMeatGF said:

Have you tried putting a "Get Request Details" just before the create the "Implement Workaround" task? That's always my default test.


This ^ ;) the task could fail to create as the BP might not have the data required to create the task... adding a "Get Req Details" node prior to the task ensures the task has the request data... in case this does not resolve the issue, have a look in server service log files, it will give you an indication why the task create failed...

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