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Resolve Times

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Morning all,

Im running a report to find out our resolve times for calls and a average...

Firstly the only resolve figure i can find is in seconds? 


I dont really get what the Resolve time means as it reads in just numbers. or what the Resolution Timer ID is either?

Also is their a way to work out a average on a report?



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I believe that h_itsm_requests->Request Resolve Seconds is the amount of time, in seconds, the SLA can run before it breaches. If I run a similar report all my P4s are set to 72000 seconds, or 20 hours, which is 2 working days on my desk.

h_itsm_requests->Request Resolve Time should therefore be the amount of time it took to resolve the call, again in seconds.

Finally I believe the resolve timer ID is just the ID Service Manager gives the resolve timer for a given SLA/Priority. So P1 resolve timer might be 8526 and P2 might be 8527 etc.

As far as averages go I think you would have to either do a graph or some manipulation in Excel or similar to get what you are after.

Hope that helps a little.



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I would like to report on resolve times and resolution times for Our SLA's (P1,P2,P3,P4)

I think I have managed to get the measures running correctly, however I would like to run some reports for these so I can see which ones have gone over targets.
For example for P1's resolution time I have created a monthly average measure which I believe is correct...ResoMeasure.thumb.PNG.77c1eac59aea3edb92082dc425e2a23c.PNG

But when I make a measure for the response times it doesn't report correctly? does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


Finally I'm trying to recreate the resolution and response time in reports for each SLA, but cannot get it to filter or report correctly?

I am not sure how to build it, I tried using the measure I created as a base for the report that really didn't work so I have tried building the report manually which is prob totally wrong, like so:



Many thanks - any help would be appreciated at his moment in time!


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I have a report which just shows calls which have breached the resolve timer (although it could easily be modified to show response breaches)

I just add the columns requests.h_withinfix and requests.h_withinresponse to the selected columns and under filter add a filter of h_withinfix value does not equal 1 which will show you all the tickets which were not resolved within the resolve timer.

The output of the report is previewed in the attachment.

Obviously this will only show you the calls which have breached and not how long they breached by so depending on your CSI process it may be less helpfull then you need.

Hopefully that helps somehow though.


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Hi @yelyah.nodrog

You can do an average in a report - however you are right in that you can only display seconds (and I don't believe we have a way of manipulating the seconds in the reporting function as yet). 

Please see the below screenshots for a very basic test I created:

Make sure to select "SQL Average":


If comparing Priorities, select "Group By Priority":



Example Report Output:



Kind Regards


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