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  1. Report using something like startoflastmonth

    Hi @chrisnutt In the interim whilst we are waiting for the new functionality, there are ways you can do this using some standard MySQL statements and the "Use Custom Criteria" option. For example, if I was looking for All Requests Logged Last Month (without specifying the specific dates) we can do this using the where clause: h_datelogged >= LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 2 MONTH) + INTERVAL 1 DAY AND h_datelogged < LAST_DAY(NOW() - INTERVAL 1 MONTH) This is configured in reporting as per my screenshot below. This is using a function to get the current date and from that working out the first and last days of last month. We don't currently have this documented anywhere as its more standard SQL functions, but I will work on creating an FAQ in the next few weeks and posting back to this post. Kind Regards Bob
  2. closed and resolved Report and measure

    Hi @yelyah.nodrog Hopefully I've understood your requirement correctly - but I think what you would need to do is to add another "Between Date Time" clasuse but this time setting it against the Date Closed. A few things: Ensure to include brackets around the "Between Time" selector clauses Make sure you use an OR operator On your new "Date Closed Between" clause, you will notice you have a check box called "Use existing prompt" - check this and select the prompt you have have already created. This means that you do not have to enter another date range - it will use the one you have already selected! So it will look a bit like this: Give that a try and see if it works. Kind Regards Bob
  3. Hi @ljbrown Just for my reference, what did you specifically change? Kind Regards Bob
  4. Hi @ljbrown As a small test for us, could you take a copy of your original (v1) process again, and not make any changes at all - simply link it to a catalog item and raise a request against it - and let us know if you have the same issue? If you don't experience any problems after this, could you then make a small minor change to your copied process (e.g. moving a node), saving and publishing and trying again? I just want to rule out any problem with the copy of the original process and if this could be affecting the details that are being returned in your "Get Request Information" Kind Regards Bob
  5. Issue with adding organization when importing contacts

    Hi @mojahidm and @Martyn Houghton My apologies for the delayed response in getting back to you both. Martyn you are correct - there has been a missing association to the h_sys_org_contacts in the contact import utility, and this is why the Organisation was not show on the contacts list. I believe that this has now been resolved in the latest version of the contact utility (1.0.1) which can be downloaded here Please could you give this one a try and see if this correctly associates the company as expected? Kind Regards Bob
  6. Hi @PSG Did this work for you? Please let me know if there were any issues Kind Regards Bob
  7. Breached call percentage by team

    Hi @yelyah.nodrog I think the basis of this is correct - but it might just need some small amendments: 1) Value Column - Change this to the Request ID 2) Query Where Clause - Change to (h_status = 'status.resolved' OR h_status='status.closed') AND h_resolvedby_teamname = 'Service Desk' 3) Percentage Sub Query - Change to (h_withinresponse = 0 OR h_withinfix = 0) Check to see if this works....if so you can take a copy and simply change the team name for other areas. Kind Regards Bob
  8. Assigning Back to Previous Owner

    Hi @SJEaton The only way I think this could potentially be possible is via a mix between custom fields and our new "Assign to Owner (Variable)" Node. The way I'm thinking is that if you have defined points at which you know an owner will change in your process (e.g. the initial assignment, at an escalation point, as part of a review etc) you could use the "Update Custom Fields" nodes to populate these with the Old and New Owner. Then, at the point of your choosing, you could automatically reassign back to the person stored in the "Old" custom field. I've knocked up a Proof of Concept and it seems to work (obviously this doesn't work for "ad hoc" reassignments as the process won't know to write it to the fields) This is what my flow looks like: Custom Field A gets populated when the first owner is set: Using a task, or "Suspend wait for new owner" node, we then populate the NEW owner into Custom A, but whatever is currently stored in custom a, into custom B - therefore, Custom B holding the PREVIOUS owner Finally we use the new "Assign to Owner (Variable)" node to automatically assign to whichever (previous) owner is stored within Custom B: This may not work exactly for you, but its certainly something to think about. The new Assign to Owner (Variable) node has certainly opened up lots of doors for us as Product Specialists because it does not require you to enter a specific team either (if multiple teams exist for this person, the node will pick the first one it finds). I hope this helps Bob Dickinson
  9. Hi @PSG My apologies for not getting back to you regarding this issue. We have actually released this functionality and it should be on your instance - we now have an application setting called: app.email.routing.rules.default.visibility.update This should allow you to set the default visibility of Auto Responder entries on a timeline. Kind Regards Bob
  10. Timers

    Hi @gregmarcroftorc Unfortunately I don't have any further update as yet - I have asked for this to be reviewed at our next CAB and prioritised accordingly. Kind Regards Bob
  11. Email content - Rich text?

    Hi @Lyonel Just to let you know, we have an idea on a way of potentially improving this and this has been proven against one of the internal apps we are working on. We are now in the discussions on how we could best transfer this to Service Manager and its feasibility. So although I do not have a tangible update for you at present, please be assured this is still something we are investigating and I will endeavor to keep you up-to-date with any developments Kind Regards Bob
  12. I remember this discussion @Lyonel , we did raise and discuss this internally at the time - I'll have a look for this and see what progress we made, previously.
  13. Email content - Rich text?

    Thanks @Lyonel , we will discuss this internally and get back to you
  14. Team based SLA does not seem to work

    Hi @Darren KIng Service Manager Update 1073 is now available - this contains the fix to the issue you posted here. If you would like to apply the update to your instance and try your SLA again (with the team criteria in the rules), it should now work as expected. Please let us know if there are any issues. Kind Regards Bob
  15. Team based SLA does not seem to work

    Thanks for the update @Darren KIng Our developers have taken a closer look at this and confirmed that its a defect - it appears that the Team criteria in the rules is not being picked up, which is why it defaults to your "Catch All" every time. We will be working to resolve this and release the fix in an upcoming release - I'll keep you up to date with the progress so you will no when to try again. The issue you have mentioned with two sets of SLAs may well be related if you didn't have a catch all SLA to pick up as nothing would have matched during the decision process. Kind Regards Bob