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  1. Hi Trevor I assume we can reset the password for the Admin user ? Cheers
  2. Hi We have just starting to install Hornbill Board Manager From Application>Add More Apps , Update Build 148. However when we attempt to assign Board User Role to a User we get the message Error "no rights on application com.hornbill.boardmanager Any help appreciated Thanks
  3. Hi Still having problems. The latest build number we are attempting to update to is 311 not 316. not sure if that's an issue Error - Unable to get application context@ com.hornbill.docmanager is the error message Cheers
  4. Hi We are having the same problems The Role has disappeared and it we attempt to update we get the following message
  5. Hi Victor Many Thanks, the users affected can now log-in. Is this a historical issue, or just affected users on latest release. I cant believe the 2 users in question were allocated the role yesterday Thanks
  6. Hi This morning 2 of our team are unable to log-in to Hornbill with the following error message : Any advice greatly appreciated Many Thanks
  7. Thanks....removed the / and it works fine Cheers
  8. Hi On our e mail template we are using the link https://service.hornbill.com/<insertinstancehere>/servicemanager/request/view/{{.H_pk_reference}}/ which brings back the link https://service.hornbill.com/<insertinstancehere>/servicemanager/request/view/IN00010296/ When we click on the Link it opens up the Portal, but does not go into the individual call and the The URL reverts back to : https://service.hornbill.com/<insertinstancehere>/servicemanager/ Is there an additional step which we have not followed Many Thanks
  9. Thank you very much. Works perfectly Cheers
  10. Hi I'm attempting to create a Business Process, which will make different decisions based on the Profile Request entered. However the process is ignoring the decision and always follows the no match route Any advice greatly appreciated Cheers
  11. Hi I have created a simple widget giving number of calls raised per month Is there an option so that the Axis starts at 0 and not 350. At present it looks like hardly any calls were raised in Feb and Apr Cheers
  12. Thank You Ehsan Republished and it works fine Cheers
  13. Thanks Victor Republished and working Cheers
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