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Found 11 results

  1. After the latest update we updated our BPM to add cards to the new boards, but it errors with the following message: This is the node that places the card: This is the board, with the column titles:
  2. I have created a new BPM which is linked to a board. When the request is logged, it get added to the board which is great. When i close the request down, the ticket is closed but the item remains on the board. below is the config which i have used in the BPM: what have i done wrong? thanks
  3. Hello, I have been asked to look into the concept of highlighting tickets logged by VIP staff. Is it possible (sure it is) 1. Add a custom filed to flag a user as a VIP 2. Create a board so that this can display all tickets logged by these VIP and then have certain lanes to see if this ticket is relevant status (in progress , resolved, Within SLA etc - this is still to be decided) Any other suggestions would eb appriciated? Thanks Dave
  4. hello, we have a breach board set up: Is there an option to add more information such as owner/team etc?
  5. Hi We have just starting to install Hornbill Board Manager From Application>Add More Apps , Update Build 148. However when we attempt to assign Board User Role to a User we get the message Error "no rights on application com.hornbill.boardmanager Any help appreciated Thanks
  6. Hi, Some of our boards have lanes that contain 10+ cards and often the order of the cards in a lane will need re-ordering. We've found that the lane doesn't scroll when you hold the card at the top/bottom of the screen (as you see with other apps, e.g. MS Word when dragging say an image onto a new page). The only way to do this is to drag and drop, and repeat a couple of times until you reach the intended place for that card. This can be problematic and time-consuming when there are more than say 5 cards on a lane with a low width. As well as this, we've found you cannot always drag and drop a card into the right separator. It's hard to explain, but it doesn't always land (or give you the option to move) to a separator - especially if they're closer together. Are there plans to make the moving of cards more efficient? Thanks Lauren
  7. Hi, I am looking to change the content of some cards, as well as alter their colour, on a couple of our boards. I have full permissions to all of the boards I am trying to make these changes to - however, I have no options to edit/change colour. Please see image below for reference - I have options to copy, remove card, view timeline and see the card's history. Where do I enable the edit/colour options? Thanks Lauren
  8. Hi I've noticed that some users who are listed as having access to a particular board don't have an icon displaying their initial: Having checked this, it seems this is the case on numerous boards but for different users. As an example, "Brian" above displays on one board with an icon saying "B", but others without. He has the same permission of just "View" to both boards. This is the same on the permissions list, as well as the icons on each card on the boards. Interestingly enough, one of my colleagues (who has the exact same roles in Board Manager, as well as the same permissions to the boards I have) sees the "B" on the board above where I don't. I know this doesn't affect their access, and seems to be just an aesthetic issue - are you able to confirm why? Thanks Lauren
  9. Hi I've given a few of our administrators the new(ish) "Board Super User" role in administration. This doesn't allow us to view all boards though - am I incorrect in thinking that this is meant to give access to all boards, despite not being listed as having access to some boards? Thanks Lauren
  10. Hi, We currently have some of our business processes set to add requests to boards - I've now amended this to add to new boards configured in the Board Manager app. I've found that when adding a request to a board via the process, it shows a blank tile in the lane the request has been added (see below screenshot). This has only started occurring since I've created boards in the Board Manager app, rather than the existing Boards function in Service Manager. Are you able to advise why this is happening? Thanks
  11. We noticed that the picture show on the Service Manager Requests cards on a the Board Manager - boards are not updating when the request is re-assigned in Service Manager. Cheers Martyn
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