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  1. Hi James, Thanks for the feedback. Regards. Trevor.
  2. Good afternoon, Firstly, apologies if i am going over old ground regarding what is feasible via Database Direct (DD). I have a requirement to query and export HSM data on a daily basis for upload into our data warehouse. I note that DD result sets may be exported to csv, which leads me to ask the following: 1) Is there a facility to trigger DD queries via a scheduled job? 2) Can a scheduled job be used to export csv output to a predefined on-premises location? Regards. Trevor.
  3. I am amazed Victor has such a blinkered view of how IT departments are run in the real world... Why do I need a change for a SaaS update? Hmmmm, if HSM updates are automatic, it may well be that our change would be 'information only', however in the event of issues caused by an update (yes, we have experienced system-wide issues resulting from HSM updates), at least our service desk would have visibility on any changes to our estate and be able to direct their investigations. You should also remember that our user base see our IT department (not Hornbill) as responsible for HSM, so I hope you can appreciate our wish to be as prepared as possible to deal with the worst case scenario (however unlikely). I do recognise your desire to be Agile with regard to releasing updates but it can be abused and used as a vehicle to simply generate ad-hoc changes as the result of inadequate/insufficient development and/or testing. Thanks for all the feedback, I'll head back to Jurassic Park...
  4. Hi Victor, Hornbill benefits greatly from its user base, you only have to look at the community fora to see this, especially following system updates where users have often found issues not identified prior to an update being published. We like to have at least a weeks grace on applying updates as we aren't always 100% confident that Hornbill releases will be issue free. We hope that at the point where Hornbill makes all updates automatic that the your test/beta processes will be mature enough to give us the required level of confidence. Regards. Trevor.
  5. Good afternoon, We invariably raise internal change requests to update our HSM version on Wednesday or Thursday evenings as Hornbill often publish new updates on Fridays. In general, we perform system updates at least a week following publication to allow us to review any issues the Hornbill community have reported and which you have remediated. Having prepared a change to take version 1466 this evening, as you have published 1471 this morning, we will be unable to proceed with this change. Would it be possible to a) publish a forward schedule of change and b) publish updates on a fixed day of the week? Looking at the most recent updates, you appear to publish them on any day of the week: 1471 Wed 27/03 1466 Fri 22/03 1464 Wed 20/03 1459 Fri 15/03 1453 Tue 05/03 1452 Mon 04/03 1451 Mon 04/03 1443 Tue 26/02 1439 Thu 21/02 Regards. Trevor Tinsley.
  6. I am able to submit support requests via the Hornbill portal but they aren't then appearing as active requests in the system. Also having problems sending email from a service request, receiving a 'send failure' message, although emails are being sent but not appearing in the ticket timeline. I'm rather concerned after the issues we had last Friday.
  7. Good afternoon all, I have a requirement to delete closed tickets in accordance with our records retention policy in our production environment. In the absence of anything else, would the Hornbill Clean Utility be a suitable tool? Does the example conf.json file support the dryrun=true option (I would like some assurance prior to running the utility against the live instance)? Any thoughts, advice or feedback would be appreciated. Trevor Tinsley.
  8. This was a fix to a collaboration update done earlier? Was this advertised anywhere?
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