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  1. Had a look in the forums but cant find what I'm after with enough information to complete the task myself. I have created a new dashboard including some widgets that i have created but want to add some more widgets to this showing other information. - Open Tickets and how long they have been open for (and who they are assigned to) - When tickets are logged vs Time taken for them to be assigned to a technician vs time taken to resolve them
  2. It would be great to have the option of adding country to the default selection of options for the available display columns on the request list. I know you can do this by creating views and custom columns etc, but it would be good to see it in the default list for companies that use hornbill to support international offices.
  3. @Steve G thanks for your assistance with this. you cant use "&" symbol in the organisation ID on hornbill so we put Operations_and_maintenance then matched the name Operations and Maintenance. Leaving the organisation ID as is and changing the name to Operation & Maintenance solved our issue.
  4. We are using the hornbill LDAP import tool. The tool its self doesn't fail and the users and their details appear to come across, except in the case of those who have the "&" symbol in there department. it will bring across everything except their department.
  5. We use AD sync to bring across the department into hornbill customers. if its got an & symble it wont bring it across and we need to do this manually in hornbill
  6. The Customer Profile is not having their site field populated from AD
  7. Have done this using "l" to map the city to Site but its not populating the Site for the users.
  8. We have multiple offices across the world and want to show this clearly on the request list for each user in their locations Looking in the selectable columns there is no "Country" or "Location" column. We can see a "Site" column but how do we populate this for each user with the ldap sync from AD?
  9. We can see the ability to delete the question now but is their an ability to edit the questions answer?
  10. Hi James, our users are all synced into hornbill from our active directory, I can't find anything that looks like your screenshot in our service manager? can you help me with a step by step to access it?
  11. Hi Steve, We have Mobile "ticked" yet the mobile phone number (synced from AD) still does not display in the customer section of the ticket?
  12. +1 for this feature We have a lot of field workers who don't have landline numbers´╗┐. When viewing the customer drop down in a service request it doesn't give the option of showing a mobile number. This would be extremely useful for when a technician needs to contact the user if their landline and the mobile number could be displayed here.
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