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  1. Can't wait to see what's been done in the new Timesheet manager. Any chance that there has been the ability to add a default time category to a service or even a catalog item? We just added a couple of external companies that we're supporting. We have different services for each company and it would make time categorization much easier if there was a default time category per service as well as per catalog item.
  2. We are good to go now. We are able to successfully update and create new requests.
  3. We are unable to raise or update any request since Friday evening at approximately 5:30pm P.S.T. Anyone else having the issue? We've contacted our support and left message on Friday and they are looking into it this morning.
  4. Please add me as well. We have many departments on Hornbill now and some do not appreciate the volume of emails. ;-) Thanks!
  5. Fixed: I edited the Database rights for h_sm_dashboard_charts in my custom Incident Manager role, giving full rights across the board and I am now able to save charts.
  6. Work Around: I removed the customized Collaboration and Incident Manager roles and added the stock ones and now I'm able to save charts.
  7. We also have regular users that get this error. I do not, but I have the SuperAdmin role. Below is my test user's roles. We have customized the Collaboration and Incident Manager role
  8. This would also be very helpfull for my team! Thank you, Patrick
  9. I would also love for this option ! I'm assuming that we are all wanting it to only schedule it on the Calendar when it get's approved?
  10. That's great to know!! It's a big challenge for us. The other thing that I hope will change with that is the way Advanced Analytics works. We do all of our Dashboards under the Service Manager Advanced Analytics and there is way to create a widget with other modules data. I get the error below when trying to pull in data from Timesheets or Projects
  11. I second this request! We would also like this option. We track time on our tasks, so it would be important that the time also be available to be tracked on these tasks. Most, if not all, IT teams that I've worked with do both break/fix requests as well as projects so being able to track our tickets, Projects, tasks and time in one application would be the ultimate for my engineers, technicians, and management. It would also be great to be able to report on all of these with advanced analytics and reports. Cheers, Patrick
  12. Any word on when a timesheet can be linked to a project?
  13. This is a huge issue for us also. It severely impacts our technician's ability to trouble shoot the issue. This is even more apparent, depending upon the wording in the email from the end user, when they include a screenshot and it's not clear that they've included a screenshot, because there is no indication that images have been removed from the email.
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