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  1. @Daniel Dekel ahhh brilliant. I'll keep an eye out for the update. As for the inbox, it happens to all of our analysts, all day every day, we can't seem to identify a specific sceario. The inbox doesn't load very quickly either, for example, you start scrolling down and then it's blank, you have to refresh the page or delete some emails to see anymore - I assume it shouldn't be like this? We have tested it in Chrome and Edge and both are the same. it's a hard thing to explain but I'm going to try and get a moving screen capture to show you what I mean.
  2. @Daniel Dekel any news on the issues we've been having with the inbox skipping to the top and the batch delete? We're currently in a really busy time and could really do with these things sorting if it's possible? Thanks Katie
  3. @Daniel Dekel being able to batch delete from a search would be super helpful to us - anything you could do would be really appreciated Thanks
  4. In Supportworks, we were to be able to order emails by subject matter, and then select all the same ones and delete - this was really handy - any chance of having something like that? Clicking SHIFT + and selecting each email is just so time-consuming when dealing with 100+ emails and every time we get a new email wherever you are in the list skips to the top again - really frustrating.
  5. Is it possible to search for emails and then select multiple ones to be deleted? We've had a play around and can't seem to work it out. We have a lot of Undelivered Mail emails every morning and would like to be able to search for them and get rid of them in one go, rather than scrolling through the inbox. Any advice appreciated,
  6. We have multiple owners for a service in our University - for example a service can have a Business Owner and a Service Delivery Manager - both have an equal stake in the service and may be required to authorise changes. Sure we can add them manually to a change but it's just a bit long winded and you need to know every single Business Owner and Service Delivery Manager off the top of your head.
  7. Does anyone know if it is possible to put more than one owner on a service? If not possible can someone explain the reasoning for it being this way? Thanks Katie
  8. @Victor it didn't work I'm afraid. When I upload the file it doesn't even register it as being unsuccessful - it says the upload is successful however doesn't populate the field.
  9. I'm trying to create a CSV file to upload our software assets and we want to populate the ownedBy field. This field is a lookup field and I'm struggling to get it to populate from the CSV. file. Is that actually possible or am I going to have to go through and manually add the user who is the owner? Any advice would be great, I'm teaching myself how to use CSV files for the first time so I'm really new to all this Thanks Katie
  10. @Steven Boardman thanks for that Steven. I think that should cover us for what we want to do
  11. In the description of each of our services, we have formatted the text - in a very similar way to what is shown in the demo version (image attached) and it works successfully. However, when the services are displayed in the Portal the formatting code can be seen (image attached). Any ideas? Thanks
  12. I was wondering if there were any other Universities or HE Institutions on here who would be able/ willing to share their basic Service structure? We've started to come up with our lists of Services here at the UoP however it's quite challenging having multiple types of user, across multiple sites who are all using dramatically different services. I'd be interested to see how other people have approached this? Thanks in advance, Katie
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